In an earlier roundup, we picked some new iOS 7 Winterboard themes (along with a couple of themes updated from iOS 6) for spicing up the look of your iPhone/iPad. But that’s not where it ends, obviously.

As more and more developers/designers get into the groove, we’re looking at amazing new iOS 7 Winterboard themes come up. Here’s another list of gorgeous themes that make your iOS 7 look even more awesome.

Awesome Winterboard Themes for iOS 7StayClassy

StayClassy iOS 7 Winterboard Theme

If theming is mostly about iconography, StayClassy lives up to its name. Extremely flat (but aesthetically so) both in terms of the iconography and the color palette, StayClassy is for minimalists. The theme looks beautiful in a minimalist way with its pack of 80 icons for various popular stock and third-party apps.

It would be great if more app icons are added as the variety is really huge (and I hear the developer, Aleks Bahdanovich is working on it).

Repo: MacCiti | Price: $0.99

Carla iOS 7

Carla Winterboard Theme for iOS 7

Carla needs no introduction. One of the most popular themes of iOS 6, Carla from Jesus Badia retains the old flavor (with its very subtle textures and gradients) while fusing with iOS 7’s sense of flatness and minimalism. What I like about Carla is that it’s a complete themer that impacts a lot of UI elements. The icons – most pronounced part of the theme – are designed to match iOS 7 while being different in their own way.

Repo: MacCiti | Price: $1.99


Acies iOS 7 Winterboard Theme

Acies is another beautiful theme – flat, but avoids being too flat and blunt. The color palette has been carefully chosen to be a little more than what the stock/default iOS 7 theme holds. Flat seems to be the order of the day. Acies is a good icon collection and if you tie it up with other tweaks that alter the dock, statusbar etc., it’s a great theme to help you tweak iOS 7’s UI.

Repo: MacCiti | Price: $1.29

Space Blueberry

Space Blueberry iOS 7 Winterboard Theme

I’d describe Space Blueberry as one of the most gorgeous, minimalist, flat themes ever built for iOS 7. Being a free theme with a collection of 50 (and growing?) icons, this theme should be the first thing you try after installing Winterboard on your iOS device.

What’s likable about Space Blueberry is that even though it uses only flat design (just like iOS 7 stock), it builds vibrant icons using colors and logotype. Absolute beauty!

Repo: BigBoss | Price: Free

Radiance for iOS 7

Radiance Winterboard Theme for iOS 7

I think of Radiance as a perfect fusion of flat and rich design aesthetics. At first glance, the limited iconography makes the theme look minimal but there are gradient-level details that lend a slightly richer look to the theme. It’s not completely flat but it’s certainly minimal. On plain or detail-less backgrounds, Radiance’s icon set stands beautifully well.

Repo: BigBoss | Price: Free


Ayecon iOS 7 Winterboard Theme

Designed by Surenix who is one of the most popular designers in the jailbreak scene, Ayecon came as a refreshing take on iOS theming. Exquisite detailing on the icons is one of the fortes of Ayecon. Just by using colors and icons, the theme alters the way your iOS 7 looks. The upgraded theme bring back a level of additional detail and emphasis to iOS 7 that Jony Ive & Co. removed.

Repo: BigBoss | Price: $2.99

Mojo for iOS 7

Mojo Winterboard Theme for iOS 7

Mojo is one of the coolest-looking themes for iOS. It takes a lot of cue from flat design but incorporates it with a vibrant color palette that makes your iPhone/iPad look delicious. Mojo has a wonderful collection of custom icons that alter the whole theme. Mojo is a must-have theme.

Repo: BigBoss | Price: Free