iOS 7 is brand new and old apps – some popular ones, some new ones – are making sure their design aesthetic fits right into the iOS 7 mold. Obviously, perception differs but some of these redesigns are gorgeous in a way that only fits iOS 7.

We wrote about seven apps redesigned for iOS 7. While that’s a good list to start with, there are a lot more apps that look absolutely cool on your iPhone/iPad running iOS 7.

Here’s another list of great apps – many of them very useful – for iOS 7.

iOS 7 Apps


Instasmooth iOS 7 App for iPhone and iPad

Who is into smoothies? Over 150 smoothies in one beautifully-crafted app that has been specifically designed for iOS 7, that’s what Instasmooth is. The search is awesome (with over 700 items to search for).

Price: $1.99
Download Instasmooth

#2. Veggie Weekend

Veggie Weekend iOS 7 App for iPhone and iPad

This one’s for the foodies who often go on a Vegan/Vegetarian diet. Or for the good folks who’re into vegetarianism. Apparently Veggie Weekend’s free app is limited in its offering. But it’s all available offline with some mouth-watering pictures to go with.

Price: Free
Download Veggie Weekend

#3. Velocity – Speed Reader

Velocity iOS 7 App for iPhone

Velocity is designed to help you catch up with all the posts from blogs/websites that you subscribe to while also learning to read faster. In its new avatar, Velocity adds to the minimalism and distraction-free reading interface. Makes things better.

Price: $2.99
Download Velocity

#4. Reeder 2

Reeder 2 iOS 7 App for iPhone and iPad

I think there’s hardly any need to introduce this app to you. In its first major upgrade, Reeder 2 has no large-scale changes except for the toolbars which have lost the traditional pre-iOS 7 design aesthetic. The animations are slick.

Price: $4.99
Download Reeder 2

#5. AroundMe

AroundMe iOS 7 App for iPhone and iPad

AroundMe has been around the App Store for as long as I can remember and with the redesign, it just gets better. Although the redesign isn’t radical enough to warrant a design award (I’m just exaggerating), the app does make things simpler now. Easier access.

Price: Free
Download AroundMe

#6. Gift Suggester

Gift Suggester iOS 7 App for iPhone and iPad

This one’s a keeper. Gift Suggester is a super-minimal way to find gifts suitable for all occasions. The interface has almost always been slick and the iOS 7 redesign makes it even more so. The no-ads thing is like an icing on the cake for the free app.

Price: Free
Download Gift Suggester

#7. Next

Next iOS 7 App for iPhone and iPad

Next’s iconography is picture-perfect and it serves as the base for one of the easiest ways to track your expenses. Decidedly minimal, Next has an interface that looks and works very much in harmony with iOS 7. I’d call it one of the finest apps out there to track the cash outflow.

Price: $1.99
Download Next

#8. Begin

Begin iOS 7 App for iPhone and iPad

What does it take you to get things done? Begin helps you complete tasks on a daily basis with a clear, streamlined, minimal and beautiful interface that has been designed just for iOS 7. Swipe based interaction, adding multiple to-dos at once and many more minimalist features inside.

Price: $0.99
Download Begin

We’d like to hear from you about other apps that you discovered with new designs. Got any favorites? Don’t forget to tweet to us: @igeeksblog.