Google starts rolling out Generative AI in Search Results for select users

Google generative AI

AI is the buzzword for the tech gown this year. With ChatGPT making sensations across the internet, Google is now stepping into the scene to make the most out of it. This year’s Google I/O event focused on AI and one of the head-spinning announcements was the introduction of AI in Google Search results. The search giant has now started rolling out Generative AI in its search results.

Today, Google has announced that it is starting to open the access to new generative AI capabilities in Google Search results. This is a major step toward the AI generation. This feature is initially available to only those who have signed up on Google Labs and such users can now join a waitlist to experience the magic of generative AI in Google search results.

For the unwary, Google Search Labs is a new initiative by Google that allows users to test new Google features before they are available for general users. If you have signed up for Google Labs, you will soon receive an email notifying you when you can start testing experimental features like Search Generative Experience (SGE), Code Tips, Add to Sheets, and other AI features that were announced by Google at its I/O event.

To opt-in for the aforementioned feature, simply tap the Labs icon in the latest version of the Google app on Android and iOS devices or on Chrome desktops. Alternatively, you can visit the official Google Labs website to check how far you have moved on the waitlist.

Termed as Google Search Generative Experience (SGE), the new amalgamation of Google Search results and generative AI was announced at Google’s I/O event. Here are the three ways in which you can experience the generative AI capabilities in Google search:

Get around new topics easily

Google’s new Generative Ai search makes it easy to search for new or complicated topics. For example, if you search for  “Learning ukulele vs guitar,” the new AI-powered search will explain different factors that you should consider before starting.

Quick Tips!

The power of AI in Google Search will now offer quick tips on topics that would require you to run through different content on the internet. For example, Google can now offer summarised tips on search queries like “How to get an old coffee stain out of a wool sweater?” or “How can I renew my passport quickly?”

Help with shopping

Google’s Generative AI search results can help you guide through different factors to consider before you decide to purchase an item online. 

To explore further, you can choose  “ask a follow-up question” under the AI-powered search results. 

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