Millions of songs, hundreds of them for free, custom radio channels with no limits, intelligent music playlists suggested by experts and a ton of other features come along with today’s launch of Google Play Music for the iPhone/iPad.

Google Play Music – a service launched in 2011 – has evaded the iOS ecosystem so far but the spell finally breaks. Google Play Music for iOS lets you stream a lot of songs from popular bands and albums, purchase songs (and even download them for free) and upload up to 20,000 of your own collection to the cloud.

Google Play Music for iPhone and iPad

To iOS, a music streaming + live radio app is not new. Spotify, Rdio, Pandora and most recently, iTunes Radio have all made their way to the top already. In fact, most recently, iTunes Radio had numbers that were very positive. Competing services like Spotify and Pandora have had to notch up their game to beat iTunes Radio.

Google Play Music for iOS

I am not sure if Google Play Music would be able to hit the top charts but for a lot of people who have Android devices too, this iOS release will be helpful. Google Play Music for iPhone/iPad has all the features that the Android counterpart (or the web version) has. The “All Access” service which was launched this May is also packed with the app. All you need is a Google account to get started.

As a part of its launch, Google is offering the first month of listening for free.

Google Play Music for iOS Features include:

  • Unlimited songs streamed to your device
  • Custom radio stations based on artist, album or song
  • No skip limits in the radio
  • Smart recommendations and auto-playlists (Instant Mix)

All Access features include:

  • Upload up to 20,000 songs
  • Offline playback
  • No ads

Google does have an offer here with a $9.99/mo fee for the Google Play Music service. But is it an offer that will attract many users? We’ll have to wait to see that.

Price: Free
Download Google Play Music