This is a time for Google to steal the limelight. They just demoed a new maps which should be coming pretty soon to the iPad. And Google+ Hangouts now finds a new iOS native app.

Hangouts is the new Google app built for iPhones and iPads which will let you get in touch with your friends on Google+ from wherever you are. It’s built to bring the original Google+ Hangout experience to the iOS devices and works seamlessly.

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Hangouts is not just for video conferences. You can actually message friends (one-on-one and group chats), share photos and videos and stuff and of course, have video conferences pretty much the same way as you do on Google+. Hangouts syncs perfectly with your Google+ account so it’s easy to resume conversations from where you left.

Google Hangouts iPhone App

Creating hangouts, joining them, sharing stuff during a hangout: everything gets a native twist while being intuitive.

Google has skirted around the problem of multiple notifications across various devices. This means if you get (and clear/check) a notification alert about any message on the Hangouts app on one of your iOS devices, this notification will get removed automatically from any other iOS device that has the Hangouts app installed.

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Here’s a small list of things that Google seems to be intent on using for marketing the Hangouts app:

1.  Emojis: tons of them. Over 850 emojis to choose from.
2. History: your Hangouts history gets saved right on your iPhone/iPad and is accessible from the server too. If your history is turned ON (which it is, by default), all your Hangouts messages are saved and retrievable.
3.  Seamless Sync: continue Hangouts from any device right from the point where you left off.

Incidentally, Google+ app for the iPhone does have hangouts but it’s not as versatile as this one. For starters, you only get mobile hangouts with Google+. With the Hangouts app though, you also get to message friends and leave them a pingback when they’re not online.

The Hangouts is a must-have app if most of your conversations happen on Google’s services.

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Download Google’s Hangouts App