GOKey for iPhone 5s/5: On-the-go Charger, Flash Memory, Locator and Sync Cable!

Smartphones are legendary in their battery performances. So far, I haven’t met one smartphone that won’t hit the red zones in battery in the course of a typical-usage day. Which probably explains why a lot of people are catching up to the idea of carrying a mini battery backup. Something that provides extra hours for the smartphone.

The GOKey is built around this idea but the founder/creator seems to have had a brainwave. The GOKey is not just an extra-battery gadget: it’s also a Lightning-to-USB cable, a locator like a Tile app and flash memory! Put simply, it helps you charge your iPhone, sync it to your laptop, locate it when it’s somewhere nearby and also, store files on-the-go!

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GOKey On-the-go iPhone 5s 5 Charger, Flash Memory, Locator

I stumbled on GOKey through Reddit and obviously, one interesting comment stood out. The comment said each of GOKey’s functionality is already done by some tiny gadget that you pick off Amazon for a few dollars apiece.

For instance, tiny keyring lightning cables sell for $5 or so. Ultra-compact battery packs that are almost 8-times more capacious than GOKey sell ~$20. Flash memory costs ~$20 again but you can also find them cheaper. The Tile app, which locates your iPhone (or other gadgets) retails for ~$20.

GOKey Gadget for iPhone 5s 5

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So why is it that GOKey, whose base-price starts at $59 and has only 400mAh battery capacity with an 8GB flash memory, seems like a good deal?

#1. Integration: The GOKey wins where it integrates all these functions into one single gadget that not only works good but is also beautiful! Carrying three different gadgets – tiny and portable though they may be – is not a great thing when all you are carrying is your iPhone, a wallet, and a keyring.

#2. Design: The GOKey sports a wonderful, streamlined look. Unlike some of the accessories (keyring lightning cables, for instance), the GOKey is made of metal and high-grade plastic which should make it strong.

GOKey Bluetooth Locator for iPhone 5s 5

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The GOKey has a 400mAh battery capacity which should be able to give your iPhone a 20-25% charge. Depending on how much you use your iPhone, that charge can last close to 2 hours.

The GOKey is also a lightning-to-USB connector. It can plug into your laptop’s USB port or to a wall-charger and connect to your iPhone 5/5s on the other end to charge it. Not to forget: the gadget will also let you transfer data from an iPhone to the computer (sync). Currently, requests are being made to get the developers to make GOKey work with USB 3.0.

GOKey External Memory for iPhone 5s 5

It’s also a locator which works both ways. There’s a GOKey app for iPhone. When you press the button on your GOKey, it will cause the iPhone to ring so you can locate it. When you are trying to find the GOKey, the iPhone app comes in handy.

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And there’s also flash memory: three sizes (8, 16 and 32 GB). The GOKey is being funded at Indiegogo.

Expected Shipments: the first-run shipments are expected to reach funders by October 2014.

Price: $59 (8GB), $69 (16GB), $79 (32GB).
For more information visit MyGoKEy.com

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