Super Handy Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail to Bolster Your Productivity

With the help of Gmail keyboard shortcuts, you can carry out a number of tasks like navigating your inbox, messages, format text and even deleting messages a lot faster. Read on to have a look at the huge collection of highly effective shortcuts!

Google’s Gmail is loaded with several significant features. And the ones that I have always rated very highly are the wide range of handy keyboard shortcuts. They can play a major role in boosting your productivity. Wish to give them a try? Let’s have a quick look at the top Gmail keyboard shortcuts!

With the use of keyboard shortcuts, you can really expedite your work. For instance, you will be able to navigate your inbox, messages, format text faster. Even better, they can also let you complete actions like archiving and deleting. More after the break:

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How to Enable Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail on Computer

To get started, you have to first turn on keyboard shortcuts. One thing worth noting up front is that they work differently on PC and Mac computers. For example, on PCs, you need to use Ctrl instead of . Keep in mind, not all the keyboards support them.

Step #1. Open Gmail on your computer.

Step #2. Now, click on the Settings icon in the top right corner and select Settings.

Click on Settings in Gmail

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Step #3. Next, under the General settings, go to the “Keyboard shortcuts” section and select Keyboard shortcuts on → In the end, make sure to click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Enable Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail

Now, go ahead and take the full advantage of the shortcuts to carry out your tasks faster and more efficiently. If you ever decide to turn them off, follow the same steps mentioned above and then select Keyboard shortcuts off in the end.

How to View Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail

Once you have taken a glance at all the shortcuts, you may be willing to use them more often than not. Wouldn’t it be better if you could view them right in the Gmail app itself? Yeah, there is a way to do that as well.

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Step #1. Open Gmail app on your computer → click on the settings icon and select Settings.

Click on Settings in Gmail

Step #2. Now, click on Advanced and enable custom keyboard shortcuts. Make sure to click on Save changes at the bottom.

Enable Custom Shortcuts in GmailStep #3. Next, if you ever wish view the shortcuts, simply click on the Settings icon → Settings → Click on Keyboard Shortcuts. Now, check out all the quick ways to use the app.

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View Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail

Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts for Composing Emails and Chats

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts for Composing Emails and ChatsGmail Keyboard Shortcuts for Formatting Text

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts for Text and FontGeneral Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail

Gmail General Keyboard Shortcuts

Make the Most of the Following Shortcuts to Jump from One Action to Another

Gmail Jumping Shortcuts

Gmail Shortcuts to Select the Conversations

Gmail Shortcuts to Select Conversations

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Shortcuts to Navigate Faster in Gmail

Gmail Navigation Shortcuts

That’s all, folks!

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With over 1.4 billion active users, Gmail is by far the most popular email app in the world. The latest version of the app has become more efficient with a number of impressive add-ons.

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