Glass Panel MacBook Keyboards Likely to Remove Sticky Key Issues: Apple Patent

If you are fed up with sticky key problems on your current MacBook Pro, here is good news. Apple is working on new technology: glass panel keyboards. The tech giant has already filed a patent application to this effect.

Innovation and Apple go hand in hand. Wherever there is an issue, Apple comes up with an innovative solution. A case in point here is glass panel keyboards for MacBook. But what was the problem? Well, butterfly switch MacBook keyboards are more likely to be damaged by dust and other foreign elements. To get rid of this issue, Apple is expected to introduce glass panel keyboards.

What will glass panel keyboards do? The new keyboards will primarily solve the issue of sticky or inconsistent functioning of keys.

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Apple Files New Patent Application for Glass Panel MacBook Keyboards

Earlier, Apple had installed scissor switch mechanism in its previous-generation MacBook Pro keyboards. While the current generation MacBook keyboards have butterfly mechanism under the keycaps, which are shallower than scissor mechanism keycaps. Penetration of dust particles in this shallow keyboard is a significant threat to its functioning.

Apple’s glass panel keyboard is its second attempt to get rid of the issue of dust and gum settle underneath keyboard keys. Earlier in 2018, Apple launched a thin silicone membrane beneath keyboard keys. This was done without any fanfare by Apple.

Raised glass key concepts from the patent application
Raised glass key concepts from the patent application

Now, the tech giant has filed a new patent, which suggests Apple is working on an entirely new technology, which will change the keyboard design and might remove the issue forever.

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AppleInsider first saw this patent; this application is titled ‘Computer with the keyboard.’ The application abstract reads:

“A device may include a display portion that includes a display housing and a display at least partially within the display housing. The device may also include a base portion pivotally coupled to the display portion and including a bottom case, a top case coupled to the bottom case and defining an array of raised key regions, and a sensing system below the top case and configured to detect an input applied to a raised key region of the array of raised key regions.”

This new design in a glass keyboard will make the keyboard thinner and allows Apple to insert other components in the notebook chassis.

Summing up…

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Earlier, Apple has filed patent applications for touchscreen panel similar to Touch Bar. This latest patent application underlines the use of independently raised glass elements that imitate conventional tactile feedback.

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