Apple wants to promote its Apple Store app and in an effort to do that, they’re freeing up paid apps and promoting them on the app.

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The good news is that this means you and I have got one more source to get high-quality and popular iPhone apps for free.

Rolling the new update recently, the Apple Store app is giving away Color Zen for a limited time. If you’re an Apple Store app user, you just need to update (or if the app is already updated, just login to the app).

Apparently, it’s all a part of the plan to promote the app. Users would not only be able to get paid-apps for free, but there are other forms of content to be had too. These include content from iTunes (songs), the usual plethora of apps and games and also iBook content.

Get Paid iPhone Apps for Free

The groundwork for the feature was laid some two weeks back. In the update that occurred later on, users have the ability to look at apps (and other content) “gone free” within a store.

If you’re using the Apple Store app, you have to tap on the Stores menu and then go into a store to view what’s available for free.

There are some interesting things behind this new development.

  • Cook wants to boost iPhone sales in the various Apple Store fronts across the globe. The app is an easy way to gather data about an Apple store you’re planning to visit.
  • Cook has instructed the store employees to install the app (mandatory) during Personal Setup after a customer has purchased a device. Apparently, the CEO wants to push the app.
  • The free content obviously comes on a limited-time basis and is exclusively for users of the Apple Store app.

So, if you’re looking for paid iPhone apps for free, here’s one more source to add to your list.