iOS 7’s App Switcher is a fantastic thing in comparison to the old iOS 6 switcher. It’s more visual, more interactive and more impressive. But if you miss the quick, tiny “iconic” app switcher that pulled up from the bottom of the screen, there’s a way to get that feel back.

ControlTask is a new Cydia tweak which displays apps (running in the background) right under the Control Center. Not only that, it also puts a couple of features to it. Read on.

Control Center is a hub of activity. You can do a lot of things from here: toggle a few settings (actually, all of them if you consider FlipControlCenter), switch on the torch or lock rotation or enable the alarm etc. You can also control music right from here. Basically, it’s clubbing all the features of iOS 6’s multi-task bar (which showed up if you double-pressed the home button).

Get iOS 6-like App-Switcher On iOS7 Control Center with ControlTask Cydia Tweak

One thing that was missing was app switching but of course Apple created that as a separate, redesigned interface. For folks who are missing the iOS 6-like style, ControlTask comes as a solution.

ControlTask Cydia Tweak Puts iOS 6-like App-Switcher In iOS 7 Control Center

Once you install the tweak, open a few apps. Then, open the Control Center. You should see app icons of the apps that are running in the background. You can swipe across to see the original toggles that belong to the control center.

  • Swipe to the right to reveal more apps. The max limit is 5 apps per page. If you have a lot of apps running, just swipe right to see other apps.
  • Swipe to the left to reveal the original toggles.
  • If you swipe further to the left, you should see a “Hold to Kill Apps” text. Keep swiping till the thing pops back on its own: when it does that, all background apps have been killed. A quicker way to kill all background apps than SwitchSpring, right?

ControlTask, developed by its_not_herpes, is available for free on the BigBoss repo.