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When Camera Roll went missing in iOS 8, only to be replaced by a severely limited “Recently Added”, we all complained. Looks like Apple did finally listen.

In iOS 8.1 (which is still in developer beta), you can get back the Camera Roll for your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. We’ve had a chance to test how it works and for the moment, it just works fine as before (in iOS 7). Read on to find out how you can get back the Camera Roll in iOS 8.x.

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Camera Roll Missing in iOS 8

This method works only in iOS 8.1 (tested in betas) so you are a normal user (and not a developer with access to iOS 8.x betas).

To disable ‘Recently Added’ and get ‘Camera Roll’ back, the only thing you need to do is disable iCloud Photo Library. It turns out that many users who upgrade to iOS 8 (and will update to iOS 8.1) might have turned on iCloud Photo Library.

How to Get Camera Roll Back on iOS 8.1 for iPhone and iPad:

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  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Photos & Camera

Settings Photos and Camera

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+
  • Turn off iCloud Photo Library

Disable iCloud Photo Library iOS 8.1

When you turn off iCloud Photo Library, at least in iOS 8.1, Apple switches the Recently Added with Camera Roll. Although we haven’t had a chance to test if the Camera Roll functions just like the old one (because we had very little photos to check with), it seems to me that the Camera Roll does work like the one in iOS 7.

Again, please note that this method works only ioS 8.1. In iOS 8, even if you have iCloud Photo Library disabled, you won’t get to see Camera Roll.

There is another solution for folks that can’t wait till iOS 8.1 and for people who will need to have iCloud Photo Library enabled. That solution is a third-party app.

My Camera Roll is an almost exact replica of the Camera Roll we had in iOS 7. It adds editing features to the table. But most importantly, once you install this and ‘allow’ access to the Photos app, it imports all the photos and shows it in one screen just like how Camera Roll used to do.

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You can download My Camera Roll. It’s $0.99 on the App Store.

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