For folks who’d like to switch to a classic, iOS 6-style switcher with icons appearing from the bottom, there’s a new tweak called ClassicSwitcher. The tweak not only brings back the classic switcher, but it also adds some really cool options to make it even more powerful.

ClassicSwitcher is not one of the first task-switcher-based tweaks but it definitely is the first tweak that puts the iOS 6-style back in business. The iOS 7-style task switcher is good, no doubt, but it does involve a lot of animations and resources that are sometimes – for quick uses – over the board. ClassicSwitcher puts back the “quick” in quick multi-tasking.

ClassicSwitcher Cydia Tweak to Get Back (A More Powerful) iOS 6-style Switcher

ClassicSwitcher Cydia Tweak for iOS 7: Get Back iOS 6-style Task Switcher

The way ClassicSwitcher is deployed on iOS 7 is amazing. You can open the classic task switcher by the usual home button double-tap action or you can also just swipe from the bottom of the screen to reveal the switcher.

There’s more to ClassicSwitcher than the usual row of icons neatly stacked up beneath the dock. With the preferences, you can actually make ClassicSwitcher show you two or more rows of icons.

You can configure this to be a default behavior whenever more than four apps are running in the background. This prevents you from having to swipe along to reveal more apps.

Just as in iOS 6, you can tap and hold on an icon to reveal the “-” button to close an app. Most importantly, ClassicSwitcher also features a “kill all app” switch so you can quit all apps instantly.

The best thing is that you can have this switch enabled/disabled via the tweak’s preferences. As an afterthought, you can also edit/tweak the background/overlay for the app switcher (Black, white or none).

As such, ClassicSwitcher is packed with minimal features and tweaks and is a great tweak if you prefer the iOS 6-style switcher. Especially if you run an old iPhone with iOS 7’s task switcher taking the toll out of it.

The tweak is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Price: $0.99
Repo: BigBoss