Radical, flat, minimal – that’s how iOS 7’s interface is described but for some folks, radical, flat and minimal doesn’t go down well. There’s nothing much we can change right now but if you hate the new icons and would at the least like the old glossy icons back, there’s a way. Finally.

iOS 6 Theme for iOS 7 is a Winterboard-based Cydia tweak/theme which changes the icons back to the old iOS 6 ones. Note that this is the only change that the tweak does, keeping rest of the functionality intact.

Even though Saurik has not released a fully-iOS 7 compatible Winterboard package, the library has worked good in our tests. So there should be very little or no problems installing Winterboard and Winterboard-based themes or tweaks on your iPhone or iPad.

Get Back iOS 6-style Icons On your iOS 7 Device with iOS 6 Theme for iOS 7 Cydia Tweak

Back when iOS 7 was released, folks using iOS 6 (who wanted the iOS 7-style interface but didn’t want to upgrade) resorted to using a lot of tweaks to get close to iOS 7-style interface. Now that iOS 7 has been jailbroken, if you wanted to get iOS 6-style icons, here’s your chance.

How to Switch to the old iOS 6-look Using iOS 6 Theme for iOS 7 Cydia Tweak

The tweak is iOS 6 Theme for iOS 7. It’s a misnomer though: it only changes the icons, as mentioned above. It doesn’t change any other part of iOS 7: the notification center, control center, even the basic look of the dock and the interface remains same. Just the icons.

Since Winterboard isn’t officially compatible with iOS 7, you might face issues (although we’re yet to hear from users about Winterboard problems). Make sure you have the latest version of Cydia Substrate (formerly Mobile Substrate). (Click here to learn about upgrading to Cydia Substrate).

iOS 6 Theme for iOS 7 is available for free on ModMyi.

I think if we wait a bit longer, there should be full-fledged themes mimicking the iOS 6 theme on iOS 7.

  • Taylor

    This is great. I wish Apple would listen to users. Some of us are visually impaired and the new iOS7 and 8 does not allow for any type of depth perception cues. It’s really maddening and incredibly hard to see.