Predictive keyboard is a cool feature. You type a few characters and the system tries to guess the word you want to type. For users who're accustomed to this on Android, it's a huge productivity plus.

Unfortunately, this is one of those features unavailable to iOS. Even in iOS 7, the upgrade has only added a minor improvement to the existing iPhone auto-suggest (that now gets better at reading phrases).

But no worries. We've always got jailbreak devs coming up to solve these missing features in iOS. From widgets on the Notification Center to letting users decide their default browser, jailbreaking has opened all avenues.

Predictive Keyboard Cydia Tweak

So here's Predictive Keyboard – a Cydia tweak that mimics the Android keyboard feature for iOS device.

Predictive Keyboard adds a fifth-row to your iPhone/iPad keyboard where words are predicted just like on an Android device. The tweak appears to work through dictionaries that come preloaded (English, US) and more dictionaries can be installed via Cydia.


  • Predictive Keyboard helps you type faster. The dictionaries contain a vast expanse of common and uncommon words so the tweak almost always predicts the right word that you intend to type.
  • More dictionaries get added to the repo and that's a cool thing for people who are non-English speakers.
  • The tweak has nothing to configure. You just install it, activate it through Settings (via a paid license) and you're done.


  • Not so much of a disadvantage but you'll need to shell out $2.39 for the license to use Predictive Keyboard.
  • The keyboard doesn't work with other fifth-row and keyboard-modifying tweaks. It also doesn't work with lockers (Passcode etc.). Some users report crashes after installing the keypad but I guess this will be fixed soon.
  • You need to check out what the tweak is compatible with. For instance, AltKeyboard works just fine with Predictive Keyboard. Color Keyboard, no luck.

Predictive Keyboard can be downloaded via BigBoss. It's a free download but you need the $2.39 license to work with it.