Vox is a new tweak from the makers of Velox.  The new tweak adds a cool battery indicator – a minimalist one – in place of the stock battery icon.

There are different states for charging/notification center/normal so it’s all a cool usability feature that also adds some neat design aesthetic to the overall experience.

VOX Cydia Tweak

Vox is a light-weight tweak. There is nothing to configure but the tweak does add some interesting features to the boring old battery indicator.

There are a ton of battery indicator tweaks developed by the jailbreak community. One of my favorites is the Live Battery Indicator although I don’t get to use it much amidst testing other tweaks. Vox came up just today and it looks like a decent alternative to the minimalism offered by Live Battery Indicator.

Vox is on the BigBoss repo and is available for free. Here’s how it works

#1. There is absolutely nothing to configure. It’s all install and run.

#2. The tweak just shows a small circle, very much like the Live Battery Indicator. In the normal mode, there is no text in the circle. A filled circle shows complete charge and as the charge drops, the inner circle begins to shrink. At low battery, the circle changes to red and the inner circle almost becomes a point within the circle.

#3. If you want to see the battery percentage, just scroll down the notification center and you’ve got it. Just like Live Battery Indicator.

#4. When charging, a lightning-bolt icon overlays the circle.

Although it’s easy to dismiss Vox as a refinement over Live Battery Indicator, it is a beautiful refinement. And being inclined towards minimalism, Vox is a really amazing tweak to use.

You can download Vox from the BigBoss repo in Cydia. It’s free.

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