iZZi Slim is a 4 lens-in-one photo kit for those who love to click, and do it like a pro. iZZi Slim gives your iPhone 5/5S the lens power it needs to click professional camera like pictures. You can easily swap and shoot with 4 different lenses to capture the magical moments in life.

Ordinarily, the iZZi Slim would cost you around $155. But thanks to iGeeksBlog deals, this amount has been brought down to two figures only. You can get this amazing kit for just $95. That’s 38% off for your pocket!

Buy iZZi Slim - iPhone Camera Accessory Just for 95 Dollars

What’s so awesome about it?

The patented iZZi Slim gives the shooter access to 4 different professional grade lenses. You can easily switch between the lenses to make sure that you are clicking “just right”. You can switch between Fisheye lens, 2X Telephoto lense, Macro lens and Wide-angle lens thanks to this gadgets patented technology.

The iZZi slim is lightweight. Its polycarbonate case adds protection for your iPhone from drops of water and some bumps here and there, making it the perfect companion for a nature trail or a photo hunt!

What more do I get with it?

As a matter of fact, we are throwing in a Deluxe carrying case and a 3.0 Bluetooth shutter, just for you! Now, doesn’t that make you happy?

Can I shoot videos with this?

The iZZi Slim is particularly great for video shoots. So yes, you can absolutely shoot videos with this!

I want it in white but I don’t see any colour options!

The iZZi Slim, through this offer, is available in black only. If you want it in another colour, you will have to purchase it outside the deal.

What all do I need for this?

You need an iPhone 5/5S and the desire to click amazing pictures. iZZi Slim isn’t compatible with any other iDevice.

Buy iZZi Slim for $95

Is that all?

If this deal is not what you were looking for, then stay tuned to the iGeeksBlog deals page for amazing and moneysaving deals every day.