Added RAM Capacity For New iPhone 11 Reveals New CPU Geekbench Test

New iPhone 11 with 4GB RAM may get ‘thumbs up’ for Apple September Event going by Geekbench Test. A13 chipset run on the latest iOS13 version will boost the performance of  2019 iPhones. 

As Apple’s ‘Invite By Innovation Only’ launch event nears, new iPhone 11 models may see a small leap in chip performance with added RAM capacity as rated in Geekbench CPU Test and reported by 9to5Mac.

We know that new 2019 iPhones are likely to come with TMSC chipsets A13 on iPhone SoCs (systems-on-chip) for 5nm leap. With faster A13 chipset known internally as the AMX or matrix co-processor are expected to handle some math-heavy tasks, relieving the main chip to work on other processing tasks.

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Apple to Soon Launch Faster & Multitasking 2019 iPhone Models

Geekbench CPU Test results show the performance of the chip to replace the one in iPhone XR that is named iPhone 12,1 in the performance table.

iPhone 12,1 CPU Test Results in Performance Table

So, the heir apparent ‘PRO’ line up of the iPhone XR may get added 1GB RAM totaling to 4GB and in process, gaining speed and performance for the device. But, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max already possess 4GB, while iPhone XR with 3GB needed this boost in processor speed.

The Geekbench score reports 5415 for single-core and 11294 for multi-core. If real, this would mean the new iPhone lineup is about 12% faster for single-core tasks but the multi-core result is essentially unchanged compared to what the current iPhone XR scores,” says 9to5Mac.

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However pessimistic one maybe, but coming from Geekbench source, the performance table of the chip in single-core and multi-core rated at 5415 and 11294 clearly hyphenates the former being 12% faster.

Thus, single-core performance takes an upswing as logic extended says the number of cores between the A13 and A12 Bionic – six in total has remained constant. Do remember that the benchmark tests were performed using iOS 13.1.

Geekbench tests reveal another fact that the new costly iPhone models may get additional random access memory while the devices are expected to run on the iOS13 upgrades.  

9to5Mac concludes, “Note that Geekbench only tests certain compute elements of a ‘CPU’ and Apple can deliver specialized performance improvements that do not show up on benchmarks. The potential performance gains from these kind of additions are typically not reflected in synthetic benchmark results.”

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To surmise from the above, the new iPhone Pro models – one among to replace iPhone XR, will have added iGB random access memory to juggle and multitask seamlessly and efficiently. 

2019 iPhone and iPad models likely with OLED Screens, large triple camera bump, 6.1-inch LCD display and what not; should we not give Tim Cook and his Apple Team to take the stage and announce it all? 

If you are invited by ‘Innovation,’ then it’s given that you will join them at Apple Park event on September 10, 2019!

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