There is one aspect where Apple Watch doesn’t seem to match the elegance of iPhone or iPad that is obviously the screen size. The tiny screen size means users can’t enjoy typing on Apple Watch as much as they do on their iPhone. However the small screen size of the watch has not prevented app developers from introducing calculator apps for Apple’s first wearable device.

Geek Watch Calculator App for Apple Watch

Geek Watch Calculator App for Apple Watch

Geek Watch has introduced a neatly-designed calculator app for Apple Watch. The interface of the calculator app has a striking similarity with classic Casio calculator watch. In fact from hindsight, you would have a feeling that you are wearing Casio watch. The retro look of the UI would remind you of the glorious days of traditional watches.

Retro Watch Calculator App for Apple Watch

As compared to PCalc, Geek Watch doesn’t boast of too many defining features. Nevertheless, one thing you would be instantly charmed about it is its appearance. As for calculation, you would have a convenient time while having an all new experience of calculating on the Watch.

The interface of this calculator app makes sure you are able to calculate even on the fly. It is the UI of this app that makes it a must have on your watch, should you decide to have a handy calculator app.

The nine attractive watch models offer you plenty of options to go with your favorite design or concept. Unlike most other calculator apps, you would never be bored with its functionality.

The electroluminescent display would always keep you interested about this app. The four eye-catching background images would let you bring a cool dimension to this app.

Do you like the idea of calculating on Apple Watch? Will it be convenient for you? Shoot us in the comment.

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