Gearbest Floating Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone: Where Quality Meets Innovation

Music comes in design! If this sounds hyperbole, see this amazing Bluetooth floating speaker for iPhone that surprises you with its tumbler design and superior sound quality.

Mere technological excellence doesn’t matter. A brand that designs and develops smart gadgets for mass has to think of the shape, color and other aesthetics of the product. A creative yet functional design is your passport to success in this highly competitive market.

Internationally, leading smartphone brands can be counted on the fingers of your one hand, but there are countless accessories makers, who manufacture accessories in large numbers. So, while you are browsing Amazon, you find pages and pages showcasing hands-free, speakers, Bluetooth headsets, protective cases, screen protectors and more.

Gearbest Floating Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone

This creates so much clutter that one has to think out of the box to capture the attention of the audience. And in their efforts to do this, accessories makers come up with a unique design of their products. We have come across one such beautiful piece of late, and it is a floating speaker from Gearbest. Till date, I have heard only about sound waves that float, but this is something astonishing – one that amplifies sounds itself floats.

Gearbest Floating Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone

At first, you might take it as a living room bauble, but a closure look explains something about this floating speaker. So it’s not your kid’s toy that amazes him while he is in the cradle. It is a tumbler shape HIFI Bluetooth V2.1+EDR speaker for your iPhone.


Floating Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone

I should give sound quality preference to the design for the simple reason that it is a speaker. But every netizen, who is browsing a repertoire of Bluetooth speakers, would stop at the sight of this speaker simply because they are awestruck by its beautiful design. The design engages and invites browsers to spare some moments to look or rather consume this piece through eyes. I was easily taken into the belief that this thingummy is a result of ancient Chinese wizardry: a cup is made to float in the air over a saucer.

Nobody would even guess that this could be a floating speaker to play music on. The speaker is available in four different colors: Rose, Red, White, and Black. The speaker and its base actually look like an egg and a saucer; the latter keeps that oval-shaped speaker floating.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality Gearbest Floating Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone

For sound quality, Gearbest HIFI Bluetooth V2.1+EDR speaker secures full marks. I have never heard such an incredible music flow from the speaker and enter my ears. Fill your room with music by highest, medium or lowest frequencies of the speaker. By default, the radio waves are set to 90-20KHZ to give you the ultimate level of hearing scope. Invite your friends to a party and dance till the dawn.

Magnet Miracle

The ABS base and the oval-shaped speaker both have magnetic power, which helps the speaker levitate. Moreover, you can easily move this base and speaker in other places at the office or home. If you closely look at the speaker, you will realize that it not only floats but rotates slowly. Spread the music waves in all corners and enjoy your favorite albums and songs.

Miscellaneous Features

You can charge the Bluetooth speaker by micro USB cable; while the base needs constant connection with the power plug. Appreciate the built-in 900mAh rechargeable battery and LED light that can be charged by itself. To connect other devices like MP3 and computer, you can use auxiliary audio input. Please note that the levitation gap between the base and speaker is 20-25mm.

Charge the speaker for two hours and enjoy eight hours of the musical spree on holidays. This device gives you Bluetooth transmission distance of 10 meters.

This one is a must-have product from Gearbest. Bring home something new or gift this product to someone you love. Musical delight and delightful music are guaranteed!

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