‘Garta’ AR Glasses Project On Test As iOS 13 Code Displays StarBoard Mode

Augmented Reality headset that can be worn and held is expected to offer an excellent viewer experience, says MacRumors. iOS 13 internal builds convey that AR glasses to come soon. 

Apple’s head-mounted Augmented Reality (AR) display project codenamed T288 with AR glasses and headset, seems ‘on.’ Codenamed ‘Garta,’ this was found out by MacRumors while accessing iOS 13 internal builds that replicate the functionality on an iPhone for testing purposes.

If you consider its track record, Apple rarely shelved its ambitious projects. The much-touted AirPower charging mat announced in September 2017 was called off after much hoopla, in March 2019.

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According to Digitimes the AR Glasses project was suspended but now, MacRumors infers that this ‘suspended project’ is on. A headset with glasses having a mounted device and wirelessly connected to the iPhone will provide the viewer an experience similar to Apple Watch with a smart display that includes ‘ARStarBoardViewController’ and ‘ARStarBoardSceneManager.’

Promising AR Glasses & Headset Can Open New Vistas for Apple & Its Customers

There have been several rumors regarding the physical looks and development renders that online media has put up over the time that the ambitious project T288, was announced. MacRumors says there will be two states in the AR Glasses that can be ‘worn’ and ‘held.’

But ‘Garta‘ project has seen a lot of churns like heads rolling and finally, its unexplained ‘suspension.’ But with Kim Vorrrath, the Apple’ Bug Solver’ in place to head AR Headset & Glasses Team, reality may not be far from the truth.

Apple CEO Tim Cook places great optimism on the AR project in the long run as he recently said, “We think there are great things for customers and a great commercial opportunity.”

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The company has also set apart a huge R&D spend to bring such products to the market. Apple has invested in developing AR technologies with acquisitions like Totem headset developer Vrvana. Besides, it has set up rOS operating system with a custom system-on-a-chip (SOC) to run on AR headset and AR glasses where display hardware and gesture detection components are well integrated.

Apple currently offers AR in work, learn, play, and connect modes along with ARKit2 cutting edge framework for developers to create captivating augmented reality experiences for iPhone and iPad.

Coming back to AR glasses project, various sources like ace Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, CNET, and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman have predicted the tentative release of Apple’s augmented reality glasses for as early as 2020.

Rumors about 2020 Apple iPhone models having 3D-Sensor Camera and ToF Technology for unmatched AR/VR experience will augur well to work out the timely launch of AR Glasses with Headsets.

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Added to this Apple’s head-mounted AR glasses will probably over seamless and wireless connectivity pair with iPhones, iPad, and iMac, it is hoped.

Are you preparing for the AR/VR experience or simply waiting for the Apple Event invite for September 10, 2019?

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