How would it look if your friend did an “Oppan Gangnam Style” on your iPhone? Or if Mitt Romney danced to the insanely popular song? Or if you had to guide Psy through various levels of a side-scrolling game?

Well, don't try to imagine all that. “There's an app for that.”

After Psy's Gangnam Style hit YouTube and became universal phenomena in no less than a few weeks on air, there's been a lot of side-effects from Gangnam Style iPhone cases to tees and other merchandise. Not all of it is commissioned by Psy but the reach is absolutely stunning.

Needless to say, there are also some great apps on the App Store that will get you going “Oppan Gangnam Style.” That's precisely what we're after today and here's what we found.

Gangnam Style

Top 5 Gangnam Style Apps for iPhone and iPad:

1. Gangnam Dance School

What if Gangnam Style wasn't just about dancing but also about jumping your way across the terrain like an athlete? Gangnam Dance School is a misnomer: you're supposed to reach as far as possible in this game while Psy dances and gallops on his horse. Jump, slide, and keep going!

Download Gangnam Dance School

2. Gangnam DanceBooth

Okay, Photo Booth, move over! This app lets you add photos from your camera roll to a character that does the trademark Gangnam Style dance. Pretty funny when you add oddly timed photographs of your friends to this app. What's more? You can make them dance in exotic costumes and locales.

Download Gangnam DanceBooth

3. Gangnam Style Story

This app is a side-scrolling game that offers hours of entertainment. It's not a game that you'll drop your jaw at but it still is amazing. If you're bored, pick this game and you'll probably forget all about time. It's gripping but in a simple and entertaining way. More like Gangnam Dance school.

Download Gangnam Style Story

4. Gangnam President

You've President Obama doing the ‘Not Impressed' meme with Maroney but let's accept it. He'd have been cooler doing the Gangnam Style. Well, he didn't but this app lets you see how it would've looked. You can also make Mitt Romney do the same thing!

Download Gangnam President

5. Gangnam Bear

This app is an Augmented Reality game so you can watch a bear dancing to Gangnam Style on your palm, on your table, or on the bed. Kids would particularly love this game.

Download Gangnam Bear

So what's the Gangnam Style app you're sporting?