Sweet News For Diabetes Patients: Future Apple Watch to Track Their Glucose

According to fresh updates provided by a leading media, future Apple Watch is likely to track users' diabetes. Dexcom CEO Kevin Sayer says that its G6 upgrade for Apple Watch will be great for users, who have diabetes.

Tracking blood glucose through smart wearables is a dream of any consumer, who has diabetes. Among many possibilities and predictions, future Apple Watch is likely to monitor users’ diabetes.

Dexcom CEO Kevin Sayer reveals that “its G6 upgrade for Apple Watch will be great for people with diabetes.”

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Dexcom to Launch Updates for G6 Diabetes System

In a sit-down interview with Jim Cramer on Mad Money, Kevin said that “Dexcom will launch a number of updates for its G6 diabetes system over the next year, including its direct-to-Apple Watch version.”

Notably, Tim Cook wanted to bring innovative products in health care during his tenure as CEO of Apple. Now this integration of G6 diabetes system in Apple Watch will help users track their diabetes.

Dexcom is coming up with many upgrades for its G6 diabetes system through 2021. Dexcom has already launched its G6 Transmitter, which continuously monitors glucose (CGM) and you can check this information on your Apple Watch.

A step further, this integration of G6 diabetes system in Apple Watch will provide a native version, probably with more features.

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Kevin also added, “I assure you there is plenty of room for us to grow over the long term.” Perhaps Kevin knows that more than 8 million in the United States and Europe have diabetes. By using the G6 diabetes system, it becomes easier for users to track sugar levels and take quick action, thereby.

Healthier World: Apple’s Vision

When Apple first launched its smartwatch, it was promoted as a fashion accessory. But later on, Apple convinced people that more than fashion, your watch is a fitness tracker. In the last couple of years, Apple introduced features users can use to stay healthy. ECG is one of the remarkable innovations Apple launched in its Series 4 watches.

Summing up…

The way Apple is adding health-centric features to its smartwatch, it is clear that the tech giant is on the verge of changing the fitness industry. Consumers also love to use Apple Watch’s health features. No wonder Apple is leading wearables market.

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