Strangely, FrontFlash seems a very nifty, quirky but extremely useful Cydia tweak for those low-light front-cam moments on the iPhone.

Update: No need to jailbreak device, refer this post to enable front facing camera flash on your iPhone.

Frontflash Cydia Tweak

FrontFlash is a very simple tweak for jailbroken iPhones that helps in better photos and videos when you use the front-camera. The main problem with the front cam, besides the lower resolution, is that there’s no flash. And that causes a lot of issues when you capture things in low-light.

I’m sure this is not a very common tweak that a lot of people would immediately need. But if you are someone who uses the front-cam a lot to click selfies at all kinds of places, FrontFlash will come in enormously handy.


The way FrontFlash works is pretty simple. Like a screen going blank, FrontFlash makes your iPhone’s screen go fully white. The whitewash throws a ton of brightness to any object right in front of the cam. And that kind of makes things really good.

FrontFlash is so simple to use that you don’t have to configure anything. It works for both photos and videos – which is great because videos recording using the front-cam are often pathetic in low-light areas.

FrontFlash is great if you are clicking pictures of yourself in the late evenings or in the night, at a party or outside where the light is not only low but far.

Once installed, you can either enable or disable the FrontFlash for both photos and videos via Settings → FrontFlash. The tweak triggers when you press the shutter/record button with the front-facing camera enabled/active. It won’t trigger if you use the back/iSight camera.

FrontFlash is a free tweak available on the BigBoss and has been recently updated to fit even older versions like iOS 5.x. It’s an almost universal tweak for the iPhone.