Let’s make this friendship day amazing for your best friend with surprises galore. If your friend owns and uses an iPhone, it’s all the better.

There are quite a bunch of things you can do to make this friendship day special. Here at iGeeksblog, we’re looking at how your iPhone or iPad can help you find cool gift ideas, beautiful quotes and more to help you in preparations for the friendship day.

Friendship Day Apps for Quotes, Messages and Images

The first thing you’re obviously going to do is send a message to your best friend. What better way than to send some really touching quotes and may be beautiful images?

Friendship Day iPhone Apps Accessories and Gift Ideas

1. Friendship Quotes+

Friendship Quotes Plus iPhone App LogoThere are tons of iPhone apps that have a plethora of friendship day quotes. This is one of our favorites. Friendship Quotes+ comes with a ton of interesting, touchy quotes that should definitely make your friend’s day.

Price: Free
Download Friendship Quotes+

2. Free Friendship Pictures

Free Friendship Pictures iPhone App LogoAnother wonderful app filled with a really nice set of images that can be used to beautify your friendship message. The app is a little old but it still works great and you’ll find an interesting collection of photos and images for the friendship day.

Price: Free
Download Free Friendship Pictures

3. BraceletBook

BraceletBook iPhone App LogoThe BraceletBook app is probably one of the coolest DIY apps on the store. This iPhone app will help you discover, create and make your own friendship bands! If you want that edge of personalized friendship day gift, this one is a must-have. The app has a bunch of other features too.

Price: $0.99
Download BraceletBook

Friendship Day iPhone Cases

Zazzle has got an amazing collection of iPhone cases made for friendship day. Cases range from crazy friendship designs to subtle and nuanced ones. If your friend has an iPhone, the friendship day cases should make a great gift this Sunday.

You can check out these friendship day cases here.

Gift an App

Gifting an app is one of the easiest ways. It’s not really cool but if your friend has been talking about buying some app from the App Store, this friendship day can be a great reason to gift him/her the app. There are so many amazing apps to choose from. Games and entertainment apps are widely popular and sought.

Puzzle games have always been mighty interesting so you can probably pick one from the list and gift it through your iPhone/iTunes.

(Note: Check this how-to to see how you can gift an iTunes gift card and this how-to to gift an app on your iPhone).

Buy an iPhone Accessory

There are dozens of accessories besides the usual cases. If your friend is an avid iPhone user, may be she has already set her eyes on something. If you know what, you can buy the accessory and gift them. For the rest of us, there are always some evergreen accessories that go well.

For example, there are amazing Bluetooth headsets for the iPhone that make a great gift. More recently, we’ve been looking at camera accessories for the iPhone that make capturing pictures on the iPhone an entirely new experience.