If you use your iPhone to capture a lot of photos and shoot videos, you’re obviously using quite a lot of space on the smartphone. How cool would it be to have a HUD showing free space and battery % on the camera?

FreeSpaceCam is a new Cydia tweak that does this. And it’s picture-perfect even though the numbers can be a little off-the-mark occasionally. Here’s more about FreeSpaceCam:

The feature/functionality is not totally new but it’s new for iOS at least. Just like how digital cameras tell you how many photos you can take (in the available space) or how many minutes of video you can record based on the current parameters, FreeSpaceCam shows you three infos as HUDs – designed to match the iOS 6 look.

FreeSpaceCam Cydia Tweak

The information that FreeSpaceCam shows is:

  • Free Space (a GB count of  how much space is left on your iPhone)
  • Battery %  (the % battery left; this is very handy even though redundant)
  • Time Remaining (for videos)

While the free space count doesn’t really turn out to be very useful in the case where you have ample free space on your iPhone, it can come in handy when you’re running low. Also, this beats having to go to Settings, General, Usage to figure out the amount of space left on your iPhone.

Time remaining triggers up for videos. It shows up after you have recorded some 30 seconds of the video. The computation is based on the video parameters of the current video that you are recording: which ultimately means that it can’t be 100% correct.

Nevertheless, it’s a cool tweak to have. It would be great to have a ‘photo count’ added too (just like time remaining for videos). The tweak can be enabled/disabled via Settings → FreeSpaceCam. You can also configure individual options (toggle them on/off). You’ll have to respring the device for every change.

FreeSpaceCam is available on the BigBoss repo for $0.99.

  • Tzvi Filler

    The idea with photos is good but it would be much more inaccurate than the video time remaining being that the picture size depends on a number of factors so that’s why it’s not there