I’m excited about today’s Freebie Friday! We’ve got $100-worth software bundle that you can grab for absolutely nothing. Totally free! If you use a Mac, you should get this bundle right away!

Today’s Freebie Friday bundle has a bunch of software toolkits. There’s Blu-Ray Player for Mac, a Mac Developer Toolkit containing four awesome software tools every Mac dev should have and CollageIt Pro to create and share amazing collages! Read on to find out more about this bundle.

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1. Blu-Ray Player for Mac
The Blu-Ray player for Mac is the perfect app to play BR files. If you’ve got a Blu-ray drive, you’ll need a really good software to handle and play the Blu-ray disk without any hassle. Most popular video player apps handle 720p well but when it comes to 1080p Blu-ray, you need something as good as Blu-Ray Player.

Costs: $59.95 but is Free on today’s deal.
Grab it now.

2. Mac Developer Toolkit
If you’re a Mac developer working on websites and mobile apps and others, this is a bundle you can’t miss. The Mac Developer Toolkit consists of:

  • Yummy FTP: a cool FTP/SFTP client
  • CodePad: versatile source code editor
  • Graphical HTTP client for testing REST-based web services you build
  • DevBox: the most essential mobile dev toolkit (with features like icons, easy image resizing, hexcode for colors, device compatibility, ipa validation etc.)

Costs: $20 but free on today’s deal.
Grab the Mac Developer Toolkit now.

3. CollageIt Pro
CollageIt Pro is an amazing collage maker for Mac. It’s one of those cool apps that let you quickly add photos and create a collage. You can add interesting effects to your collage with borders, shadows and more.

Costs: $20 but free on today’s deal.
Download CollageIt Pro.