Best free Notion templates for iPhone, iPad, and Mac in 2023

Best free Notion templates for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Things to know before downloading these free Notion templates for your iPhone, iPad, or Mac:

  • To install the template, click the download link. Once the template loads, hit Duplicate.
  • Installing a new Notion template won’t replace the previous ones.

Notion is a powerful organization tool that enables users to create customized workspaces for managing projects, taking notes, and more. One of the great features of Notion is its ability to create and use templates that can suit your needs.

While you can customize themes on your own, it is time-consuming; the solution is to use free templates designed by others. So, whether you are a student, professional, or someone looking to get organized, download our recommended 10 best free Notion templates for iPhone, iPad, and Mac and increase your productivity!

  1. 2023 yearly goal tracker
  2. Notion template for students
  3. 2023 Notion Calendar
  4. Simple Spending Tracker
  5. Notion template for productivity
  6. Notion template for content creators
  7. Calculate running balance
  8. Concert Wishlist
  9. Interview kit

1. 2023 yearly goal tracker

2023 Yearly Goal Tracker

It’s never too late to start something new. So, what’s wrong if you couldn’t put your New Year’s resolutions into action since day one? You can still make that happen if you have the right mindset and are well organized. To make things easier, here’s a yearly goal tracker for Notion.

  • What it does – Keep track of your yearly goals
  • Who is it for – Anyone looking forward to making 2023 goals come true
  • Why choose it:
    • Monthly, quarterly, and yearly goal tracker
    • Habit tracker
    • View all goals for the year at once
Download template

2. Notion template for students

As a student, I always wanted to organize things and ensure that none of my projects, homework or other activities were left out. At that time, I used to write down all these activities in a notebook, and as you might have guessed, it soon got cluttered.

Thankfully, with this Notion template for students, you won’t have the difficulty I had. With this Simple School Dashboard, you are sure to get some time-saving features.

  • What it does – Help to organize class, projects, and other activities
  • Who is it for – School and University students
  • Why choose it:
    • Log your schedule 
    • Add class notes for each dedicated subject
    • Ability to organize links based on subject and occasions 

Download template

3. 2023 Notion Calendar

2023 Notion Calendar

Life’s much more enjoyable if you can add some planning and organize things. With this Notion calendar template, I hope that you will be able to make that true. If you are someone who is in search of aesthetic Notion templates, then you will be pleased to see this template.

  • What it does – Notion template focused on productivity
  • Who is it for – People who are looking for a task manager integrated with a calendar
  • Why choose it:
    • Calendar with progress bar
    • Weekly calendar tools
    • 6 colored themes to choose

Download template

4. Simple Spending Tracker

Simple Spending Tracker 2023

You always have to ensure financial stability if you want to lead a happy and safe life. Being aware of your spending habits is the best way to keep your balance in check. With this free Notion template, you will be able to track your expenses and prevent you from saying:

  • What it does – Tally and journal all expenses
  • Who is it for – Those who want to keep track of their spends
  • Why choose it:
    • Easily switch between multiple view options
    • One-click button to create a new month’s table with the same formula
    • Monthly recap to analyze if expenses went under/over budget

Download template

5. Notion template for content creators

It is a day and age where we can see content creators in every nook and corner. However, if you are planning to enter into content creation, you must plan them properly. With the right Notion templates for content creators, you can easily stand out from the rest and grow exponentially.

  • What it does – Plan and manage contents in one place
  • Who is it for – Content creators
  • Why choose it:
    • A dedicated section for each social media platform
    • Content bank
    • Ability to make changes to each section

Download template

6. Calculate running balance

Calculate Running Balance

If you use Notion templates for business, then you don’t need to worry about managing the data related to your business. With this template, you can keep track of a running total/balance for a series of transactions instead of calculating a new balance.

  • What it does – Track running total/balance without creating a new one
  • Who is it for – Entrepreneurs, traders, etc.
  • Why choose it:
    • View Account balance
    • View income logs
    • Monitor transactions

Download template

7. Concert Wishlist

What is life if we all limit ourselves to the daily office and studies? So go out once in a while, especially to concerts. This free notion template is for you if you have a huge wishlist of concerts!

  • What it does – Keep track of the concerts you want to attend
  • Who is it for – Music lovers
  • Why choose it:
    • Plan your dream concert list
    • Keep track of when you saw them
    • Rate the concerts which you have attended

Download template

8. Interview kit

Interview kit 2023

We all want to grow in our professional life, and the best way is by applying to different opportunities and hoping for the best. With this Notion template, you can keep track of the roles, take notes, track progression steps, and more in an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

  • What it does – Track your candidature
  • Who is it for –  Job seekers
  • Why choose it:
    • Organize all the applications
    • Keep track of the progress
    • Easy to categorize each application

Download template

Organize and stay productive🫡

Notion, even without templates, can help you organize tasks and activities to make you productive. With these Notion templates for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, you will be able to organize things much better and always stay productive. Please note that at the time of writing, all the templates mentioned here are free. Prices may vary with time.

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