Free Music Download Pro for iPhone and iPad: Probably the Best of its Kind

If you’ve always been stuck with the default Music app on your iPhone (which doesn’t even feature a good EQ, to begin with), there’s a workaround to this.

Following the ‘there’s an app for that’ trend, we figured there should be a lot of apps for this and of course, yes. There are tons of music apps on the App Store.

There are apps that might put a 16-track analog mixer to shame, and then there are those apps which make managing your album simpler.

Free Music Download Pro for iPhone and iPad

But then, out of this din, there’s Free Music Download Pro app: a curious mix of both a music download manager and a built-in music player complete with a 10-band EQ and a powerfully neat filter. Without ado, we tried the app, and it’s kind of good but not all that great it’s hyped to be.

What’s Free Music Download?

It’s hard to put the app under one category. It basically behaves as a download app for music that you find on the web.

What you do is browse the website containing links to free music from within the in-app browser of Free Music Download. After this, tap on the Download button for every track that you want to download. Or if you choose to download all tracks, there’s an option for that too.

Features: Forget the Music, it’s Just the Player

What matters most in Free Music Download Pro is the kind of encompassing features it packs. Here’s a primer:

#1. In-app browser to browse for music: but it’s not exactly a browser; it’s just links to free music websites.

#2. Download manager.

#3. 10-band EQ and sleep timer in the music interface: this is the USP of the app.

#4. Smart playlists

#5. Edit album art, titles and other meta data

The Downside of Free

There are two versions to the app. The free app, Free Music Download, lets you download and use only 15 songs. The Pro version, misappropriately titled “Free Music Download Pro” sells for $0.99 and is worth every penny if you’re looking specifically for the EQ and sleep timer.

As far as the music goes, it isn’t all that great but worth a try.

That’s all, guys!

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