Book-reading on the iPad is on the rise. Although it’s still far away from the numbers that printed books post, the observed trend is very positive that eBook-reading will rise rapidly in the coming months. With apps designed to facilitate hassle-free and distraction-free reading (coupled with eyes-friendly interfaces), we’re really moving into the era of eBooks on iPad.

With such a capability come more needs. For instance, the need to annotate, highlight or create notes on a document. With apps like iWork and CloudOn, you can edit and create word documents, spreadsheets and even presentations but when it comes to PDF editing, your options are limited.

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We face two problems the moment we set out to look for suitable, efficient and good PDF editors for iPad. The first is that we don’t have a lot of features in the PDF editors and the second is that each of them costs money.

Interestingly, one app went free last month and it continues to be free so here’s a chance to grab a pretty good PDF editor for the iPad and iPhone for free.

Foxit Mobile PDF is a known app built for various platforms including Android and iOS. There are two versions of the app for iOS – Lite and Pro – and for a limited time only, the Pro version appears to have gone free.

Foxit Mobile PDF for iPhone and iPad

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  • Annotate documents with various shapes like line, arrow, circle etc.
  • Highlight text, underline, note
  • Add signatures easily to documents
  • Open pdf files from across various sources
  • select and copy text to clipboard

Foxit Mobile PDF brings easy share options so all the edits you make are preserved while you share the PDF via Wifi, iTunes or email. The app isn’t very light-weight but it works smoothly. Reading and editing are carried out in a seamless, distraction-free environment.

The app is compatible with iPhone 5/4S/4, iPod Touch 3/4/5 and the iPad.

Download Foxit Mobile PDF

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