Four Perfect iPad Stands For The iPad 4 [2019 Edition]

Apple’s iPad is a revolution no doubt, but it has more uses than what Apple actually intended. Out of these, watching movies is something everyone with an iPad does.

But watching movies with the iPad lying flat on the table or in the hands isn’t exactly a very good idea. If you’ve tried watching a long video with the iPad in hand, you would have experienced the discomfort of holding something that’s actually a bit heavy for prolonged holding. On the table, you can’t really crane your neck down for so long.

That’s perhaps where these iPad stands come in handy. In fact, they’re ultra convenient because they can offer plenty of options besides just the movie routine that I was talking about. For instance, a stand can be helpful when you are reading an eBook, or when you are just browsing through some photo album. The list goes on.

So here’s a list of four amazing iPad stands that fit the iPad 4 and earlier iPads. Unfortunately, it takes time for the manufacturers to produce something that would fit the Lightning dock; so none of these stands are going to charge your iPad for you, or have a lightning dock built in them.

Best iPad 4 Stands

#1. Hi-Tech Wireless

Hi-Tech Wireless iPad 4 Stand

Hi-Tech Wireless presents a sophisticated stand for your iPad 4. Enjoy different viewing angles with this multi-angle and foldable design crafted with aluminum material.

This iPad stand is the best product for homemakers and professionals to watch delicious recipes and learn something new from videos. Use a Bluetooth keyboard and you can perform all your official tasks smoothly.

USP: Sophisticated design
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UGREEN iPad 4 Stand

UGREEN has personified elegance in this simple yet stylish iPad stand, which offers multi-angle adjustability. You can place this foldable stand in 10 different viewing positions, and this feature makes all the difference.

Watching videos, reading iBooks, and browsing web content is extremely easy and comfortable on this iPad stand. UGREEN has used high-quality ABS material and rubber pad to make this stand anti-skid.

USP: Anti-skid design
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OMOTON iPad Stand

OMOTON manufactures world-beating iPhone and iPad accessories. This iPad stand is made of the nano-absorption material, which ensures a sticky base, giving your device better stability.

You can place your iPad horizontally or vertically, and adjust the angles to get the best view. A notable feature of this stand is accessibility to charging port. Put your iPad 4 on the stand and charge it to the full while using excellent features of your device.

USP: Nano-absorption material
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#4. AboveTEK

AboveTEK iPad 4 Stand

AboveTEK brings a foldable design that can be swiveled 360 degrees. This becomes an advantage while you are making a presentation of your idea in front of your office colleagues. The iPad stand can hold tablets sizing 4-11″.

AboveTEK has used a heavy aluminum metal base to hold your iPad firmly while you are using your device. Ergonomic design gels well with your elegant iPad.

USP: 360-degree swivel
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That’s all!

Summing up…

Your pricey iPad needs enough protection. The more you carry it in your hands, the more it will get damaged. iPad stands provide enough protection even as your device is covered with a protective case.

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