Flipp iPhone App: Browse Flyers or Save Money On Shopping

Flipp iPhone & iPad App Review

I want to describe Flipp as the perfect Pinterest for flyers. But folks over at Flipp are calling it ‘savings in your pocket’ and nothing can describe it more clearly.

Meet Flipp: an app that helps you discover flyers about deals on stuff that you buy and then do things like “favorite” them, “clip” them, not to forget to sync them across your iPhones and iPads and then use them when you are out shopping. The bottom-line is clear: you save money on almost every purchase.

Flipp iPhone and iPad App Review

Flipp is one of those easy-to-use apps built for the iPhone and iPad. With Flipp, you can browse flyers for things that you buy. The app shows you a lot of discount/deal flyers that you can use the next time you are out shopping.

The app also lets you search for discounts on stuff but all of that comes through flyers. I think it’s kind of local but since it currently aims at major retail/wholesale stores across the country, most of the discounts are going to be available everywhere.

Flipp iOS App
Flipp iPhone App
Flipp iPad App

The whole interface itself is enormously simple, beautiful and a treat to use. Of course, there’s going to be the occasional “overwhelm” with all the various colored flyers vying for your attention but all-in-all, Flipp is almost the perfect app to help you save a few bucks every time you shop for something.

Here’s what Flipp does

  • You can flip through hundreds of flyers
  • Clip flyers to add them automatically to a shopping list (for easy access later)
  • “Favorite” certain flyers: again, this is like a list for easy access
  • Sort flyers based on the discount amount offered. Slide all the way up for the best savings for the day
  • Search: It’s not often that you want to buy what’s shown but it’s very often that you want a saving/deal for what you intend to buy. Search helps you find cool deals or savings for items that you need to buy
  • Sync: well, clip and favorite on your iPad and it gets synced to your iPhone! Enough said!

Flipp runs on a statistic that goes like this: On average, flyer readers save 40% more on their weekly shopping.

If you prefer saving through deals and discounts, Flipp is one easy way to get started. A simple interface, rich database of flyers and network of shops and a good stable app is all you need to get started on saving every time you shop and Flipp seems to be the perfect answer.

Price: Free
Download Flipp

That’s all for now!

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