While everyone pointed out how the iPhone 5c case resembled a game of Connect Four, folks at Bytesize decided to make a game out of it. And that’s how Flipcase, the awesome iPhone game app, came to be.

Flipcase is a work of simple genius and you’ll enjoy the game thoroughly. It’s just Connect Four but on the iPhone 5c, with the case on the front of the iPhone.

To get rolling, you’ll need the iPhone 5c case (and an iPhone 5/5c or may be even the iPhone 5s). Instead of fitting the case in the normal way, you have to flip it over. So you’ll be covering the case on the front of the iPhone (over the display).

Flipcase iPhone 5c Game Review

This makes the screen look like the holes for a Connect Four game. Tapping on a hole drops color discs on it. Anyone who has ever been addicted to Connect Four will thoroughly enjoy this neat hack that converts a simple case and an iPhone into an almost real-life connect four game.

Video Walk-Through of Flipcase iPhone Game

Obviously, space constraints make sure that there are far fewer holes to fill the discs with but it’s fun nevertheless. You get to play a fast game. Also, “shake to start a new game” is evilly cool because it’s kind of addictive and you don’t really stop the game.

When it says “You win!”, it doesn’t really say which player but it’s understood: the last player to place a disc and get four in a row wins.

Flipcase has been designed for a seamless iOS 7 experience. Flat colors, simple shapes and border-less buttons make the game as much native to iOS 7 as one can expect.

And yes, you can play the game without the case too but that just beats the purpose and renders the name, Flipcase, obsolete. Go ahead, grab that iPhone 5c case and keep beating your friends in the new Connect Four.

Price: Free
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