Wi-Fi problems in iOS 6 haven’t disappeared yet. Apple hasn’t acknowledged the whole issue but it is like an open secret: everyone knows the problem exists and is causing a lot of frustration.

A lot of websites, forum discussions and comments have covered this issue although a single solution doesn’t seem to work for everybody. We have covered this in detail (and in total) ourselves on iGeeksBlog.com because we think this is one of the most serious issues iOS 6 users are facing.

Here are some resource links where there are solutions for you to try. Remember that if all fails, and if you are lucky enough to be under the warranty period, you can (and should) get your device replaced.iOS 6Otherwise, hope iOS 6.0.1 with a Wi-Fi fix arrives soon.

Comprehensive List of all solutions you can try to fix the Wi-Fi problem:

Getting a good range on your Wi-Fi router:
(Note the thing about the Channels. For iPads, Channel 5 and 6 have been working really great)

Tablet Crunch covered a few methods to fix Wi-Fi issues although only a handful of lucky users said these worked. May be you are lucky:

Gizmodo did a story on this issue too:

iPhoneHacks covered this a while ago:

Apple’s own iOS WiFi Troubleshooting writeup:

Apple’s recommended settings for (iOS 6) WiFi routers:

Read out feature on the iOS 6 WiFi issues.