Update: The repo (and therefore the tweak) is no longer available. Also, most recent jailbreak tools like Pangu do not cause any status bar issues in iOS 7.x.

If you've been installing a wide variety of tweaks and then find that the status bar behaves oddly when opening apps, you're not alone. The status bar issue has been a prominent bug for a lot of users who have been trying out various Cydia tweaks.

StatusBarFix2, released by pNre, is a tweak designed to get rid of status bar issues that crop up after you begin installing Cydia tweaks. Issues could be varied but most notably, it's status bar not changing the color or not disappearing when using full-screen apps.

There's a lively discussion going on about this tweak on reddit with the developer chirping in details about what the tweak is and why it's safe. Unlike a couple of other “fixes” (for Mobile Substrate for instance), the tweak has largely been accepted to be safe. It's open source and available on github for developers to check its security.

StatusBarFix2 Fix Status Bar Issues Post Jailbreak Using Cydia Tweak

The tweak does nothing but just fixes any issues that crop up with the status bar. It has a hit-or-miss chance of working on iPhone 5s but by and large, people have reported success using the tweak.

How to Install Statusbarfix2:

  • Open Cydia
  • Go to Manage → Sources
  • Tap on Edit and then on Add to add this repo:
  • Look for StatusBarFix2 in Cydia and install it.

There are some more (additional) instructions in this reddit thread.

As of now, the recent update of StatusBarFix2 fixes prominent status bar issues like:

  • Color of the text
  • No disappearing in full-screen apps
  • Background color/tint

The developer of the tweak mentions that the problem is because Cydia moves the system apps. Now, if Saurik fixes this feature, we might not need StatusBarFix2. And the dev points out that it's safe to remove the tweak when it's not required anymore.