OS X Mavericks Installation Errors & Download Issues: Here’s Something to Try

The greatest thing Apple did was to release OS X 10.9 Mavericks for free. As a side-effect, of course, you have all the download issues stemming from server clogging.

People are also telling us about other installation problems with OS X Mavericks.

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At the moment, there isn’t a generic “this solves everything” kind of a solution but there are a few things that you can try. We compiled a list of stuff that seems to fix OS X Mavericks installation problems occasionally.

Tips to Fix OS X Mavericks Installation Errors & Download Issues

One of the very first hurdles to installing Mavericks successfully is downloading the installation file. And although this is supposed to be the easiest step, you might run into issues here.

The file might not download successfully, or pause automatically for no particular reason or even throw errors as it downloads. All this could be the result of a lot of users accessing Apple’s download servers at the same time.

Yeah, Apple’s supposed to be big and handle these things smoothly but let’s cut some slack here. It’s about a day or two since the announcement and everyone’s queuing up for the free download.

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Tip: If you are downloading Mavericks, make sure it doesn’t get paused automatically. Open Launchpad to check on the progress of the download.


If the download went smoothly, good. But you might end up with a few errors as you go through the installation. One of the most common user complaints is that the installation stops midway with no sign of progress for hours together.

When that happens, it’s most likely that the installation has gone berserk. Although restarting your Mac isn’t exactly a risk-free way to fix this problem, it has certainly helped a few users cross this installation issue.

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Tip: When the installation is stuck without any errors being shown, the best thing you can do is restart the system and initiate the installation.


Sometimes, it seems safer and easier to do things the old way. Creating a bootable drive for OS X Mavericks is an extra step, yes. But somehow, it is a little safer and surer way of installing the new operating system successfully on your Mac.

Here’s a tutorial on making your own bootable OS X Mavericks install drive.  As always, be sure to check up on the support forums for help.

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