How to Fix FaceTime “Waiting for Activation” Error on iPhone

If you are troubled with Waiting for Activation error while setting up FaceTime on iPhone or iPad, then we have good news. There are a few ways to solve this problem, and here we have listed them all, give it a try.

Earlier, we covered fixing the “Waiting for Activation” issue in iMessage after our triumphant (we’re not going to be humble about it!) success with it. And then came the FaceTime thing. On one of our iPhones, we had this issue and some of the tricks mentioned here worked for us.

Getting rid of FaceTime activation errors or “Waiting for activation…” problem isn’t all that fun. While it sure is going to go away sooner or later, you will have to try a dozen different things to set them right. We’re just trying to put out pointers here as to what you can try to get rid of the problem.

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How to Fix Waiting for Activation Issue in FaceTime in iOS 12 or Earlier

Solution #1: Turn OFF/ON FaceTime

Before doing anything adventurous, let’s start with a simple solution. Sometimes just turning off FaceTime and then turning it back solves the problem. I am not sure what makes it work, but it is worth giving a try.

Go to Settings → FaceTimeToggle OFF and then after a minute or two, turn it back ON. See if you can get it to work this time. If not, keep reading.

Turn Off FaceTime on iPhone

Solution #2: Restrictions

The first thing you’ll need to check – if FaceTime isn’t working – is to find out if FaceTime isn’t blocked in restrictions.

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Go to Settings → Screen TimeContent & Privacy Restrictions → and then Disable Content & Privacy Restrictions. If that’s not possible due to certain other reasons, make sure FaceTime is turned ON in the list of ‘Allowed Apps’

Turn off Content & Privacy Restrictions on iPhone

Enable Content & Privacy Restrictions for FaceTime on iPhone or iPad

Solution #3: Sign-out and Sign Back In

It may be the issue with your iCloud account that is having trouble activating your FaceTime account. So let’s try signing out of FaceTime and then sign back in to see if it works.

Go to Settings → FaceTime → Use your Apple ID for FaceTime → now tap on Sign Out. After a couple of minutes, try logging back in following the same steps and see if it has fixed the problem. If not, we still have things to try.

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Signing out and Sign in to FaceTime on iPhone

Solution #4: Reset WiFi Settings

You might need to reset Wifi settings if in case there’s an issue with your network. Now, how do you find out if there’s an issue with your Wi-Fi? Normally, you don’t. You just try.

Go to SettingsGeneralResetReset Network Settings. The iPhone should reboot and then bam! If you’re lucky, FaceTime will send the activation message and after a while, it should get activated with your number and Apple ID listed underneath.

Reset Network Settings on iPhone or iPad

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Solution #5: Phone Number Details

Oh, make sure you’ve got the right number listed in your ‘My Number:’ feature under Contacts. To set this, you’ll have to navigate to Settings → Phone → My Number and enter the number you use on the iPhone.

Solution #6: Date & Time, Country Settings

Furthermore, make sure your Date & Time settings are in proper order. If the Date & Time is set to automatic, make sure the time zone is rightly selected and the time displayed is correct. If not, set manually.

Solution #7: SIM Card

Well, this is not unorthodox even if it sounds so, but remove that SIM card and place it again. If it doesn’t work, change that thing and check with other SIM cards (if you’ve got an unlocked iPhone). In many cases, the carrier has been the culprit, blocking the activation/confirmation message from being sent or processed.

Solution #8: Restore your device

Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup

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Ah, that old story again. If nothing works, restore. Make sure you take all the backups necessary and then restore from iCloud or iTunes as you see fit. If nothing seems to help, best is to get in touch with your Carrier service provider and also with Apple Support to find the root cause of the issue.

Wrapping up

Generally, Apple products are designed to work just out of the box, without needing much effort from users. But just like every other technology, iOS sometimes surprises users with such glitches. Thankfully, most of these are solved using some tips and tricks. So, which one from the list worked for you?

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