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From time immemorial, people have nurtured an inherent urge to express their thoughts. However, not all can do this for the lack of time or their inefficiency to express themselves right.

As we are now living in the age of communication, that urge has grown more intense as people have all the means at their disposal. The proliferation of social media has fuelled the desire, and now we freely write our thoughts on social media.

But these writings fall into the category of non-serious content that gives us momentary happiness. If you pine for all day happiness and positivity, here is something for you. A Five Minute Journal app for iOS users.

Five Minute Journal iPhone and iPad App

Journaling offers countless benefits to you; take a few moments from your day and jot down your thoughts, experiences, or lessons you have learned from dawn to dusk. You can write about anything that fills your day with excitement and positivity. The app provides you a better solution to stay happy every day, week after week.

Why Five Minute Journal?

The large idea behind Five Minute Journal is to allow users to start and end their day with some positivity. Once you have a good start, your entire day passes with positive thoughts and feelings, which make you happier. Moreover, before you go to bed, an active mind will be able to have a sound sleep during night. If you start thinking positive, you get a psychological boost and confidence in life. This further enhances the feel-good factor in life.

Moreover, this Five Minute Journal app helps you concentrate the things important in your life. If your morning is filled with pessimism, lack of energy, or unhappy thoughts, your entire day is spoilt and you won’t enjoy a sound sleep during the night.

Spend Five Minutes a Day

The app is smartly designed to take less of your time and give more positivity to you. Once you download the app start using it, you will be delighted by its everyday quotes and weekly challenges. For every five day of the week, you will be starting your days with a wonderful quote that inspires you to take positive actions in your life – whether it’s personal or professional. Read good quotes from Aristotle to Mark Zukerberg – variety is the spice of life. This clears the cloud that the quotes are not philosophical in nature; they are equally practical. Get inspired by famous writers, successful businessmen, prominent scientists, celebrities and others.

Once you read the quote, next is to fill in the lines under I am grateful for…

You can scribble anything here. You can thank God for giving you life, family, caring spouse, lovely kids, and other things in life.

What would make today great?

This makes you plan your day. Apart from your professional commitments, make sure that you do one thing that makes your day great. The idea of doing something not for money or something for people, whom you don’t know itself fills your heart and mind with positive energy.

Daily Affirmations

Show conviction in your writing. And therefore, release an affirmation a day. By this, you will be able to project a true-to-yourself personality. This is very important in life as we can deceive others but can’t ourselves.

Amazing things that happened today…

Life throws many surprises. Every day you see a lot of stuff that amaze you; while you may not write everything here, just pick up three things that surprised you most.

How could I have made today better?

At the end of the day, ask this question to yourself. It helps you ponder over your mistakes you have committed during that day. Improve upon those mistakes and make your life better tomorrow.

Apart from these five things, you get a weekly challenge. This one is quite interesting as the challenges will certainly test your guts. For example, you will be asked to speak to an estranged friend, whom you haven’t spoken in years. How difficult it is to break the ice, which has been frozen for such a long time. Another such challenge is to starting a conversation with a stranger. By tackling such challenges, you can fight the odds and win over the negative side of your personality.

Apart from the main features, there are many other features that make this app downloadable. Explore features like Timeline View, Photos, Timeline Photo View, Reminders, Passcode Protection, and Backup/export to PDF.

Make the most of this app to make your life beautifully confident. It is worth downloading at the price of $4.99. Just go ahead!

Price: $4.99
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Five Minute Journal iPhone and iPad App

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Five Minute Journal iPhone and iPad App
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