Even before iPhone 5 came about, people have been thinking in terms of “fives” instead of fours. You know: five icons in the dock, five icons in the folder, five columns instead of four, five icons in the multi-task switcher. Well, you get the drift right?

So when Evad3rs finally gave us the jailbreak, one of the first things I set out to do was check out these things once again. They work perfectly and although they’re not aesthetically pleasing, functionality is kickass.

We’ll take a look at four iOS 6.x compatible tweaks that work wonderfully well.

  • Five Icon Dock
  • Five Icon Switcher
  • Five Icon Folder
  • Five Column Springboard

1. Five Icon DockFive Icon Dock Cydia TweakWell, the name says it all. As shown below in the pic, Five Icon Dock makes your dock “richer” (although sacrificing the looks) by adding one more icon to the dock. If you are a power user who needs that “one more” app on the dock so it shows up everywhere, this is the tweak you should be looking for. As shown, the spacing between the icons are constricted to leave some space for the fifth icon. Works flawlessly in iOS 6.1.

2. Five Icon SwitcherFive Icon Switcher Cydia TweakHow about having more than four icons in the multi-task switcher (the row that comes up when you double-press home button)? That would be a little more functional than having to keep swiping till the intended app comes up, right? Five Icon Switcher gets this done, no sweat.

3. Five Icon FolderFive Icon Folder Cydia TweakOkay how about doing the same to folders? Interestingly, Five Icon Folder goes beyond just making folders house five icons. You can set the number of icons from within Settings. In our tests, when we set the row count to 4 (in a folder that had 6 icons), the rest of the icons went missing! That’s a problem I sure hope the devs would solve soon.

4. Five Column SpringboardFive Column Springboard Cydia TweakAlthough one would want to have an iPhone 5-like five rows, some of us would also love having five columns. I did try (and although it didn’t stick for me), if you are a fan of having five columns of icons on your iPhone dash, this is the tweak you should install. Pretty neat, though.

Oh, if you’re looking for the five-rows, you’ll need either of these things:

  • Springtomize 2,or
  • Five iRow for Iconoclasm (which means you’ll need to buy Iconoclasm by the way.)

  • You need to combine “5 column SB” with “Shrink” and set the icons to about 85% to make it esteticaly pleasing. Also Label Enhancer to fix the labels. Good luck!

    • Harlan Pennell

      I personally love the look of five-column-sb without shrinking the icons. I like how I have access to everything, and my wallpaper doesn’t take up all the room.