Attention All Windows Users: Your iTunes Library Is Here to Stay

Apple has no plans to remove iTunes for Windows. During its WWDC 2019, Apple announced that Mac users could access their iTunes libraries from Finder. Apple keeps iTunes a one-stop shop for Windows users to buy and sync their media.

Before WWDC 2019, there were rumors galore about sunset of iTunes, the jukebox software Apple launched nearly two decades ago. In the middle of all gossips and guesswork, Apple discarded iTunes in the latest macOS Catalina. But this has left Windows users in the doldrums. Thankfully, Apple cleared the sky.

So what is in store for Windows users as long as they sync their iPhone or iPad data with iTunes on Windows computers? Other than this, there are many questions in users’ minds: iTunes libraries and files; syncing iPhones, iPads, and iPods with Mac.

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For All Mac Users, Finder is the New iTunes

First off, every Windows user, who uses iTunes to store, restore, and sync their data, should not be worried about the change. Elimination of iTunes is restricted to Apple family; if you are using Windows, you can always use iTunes as you have been doing thus far.

Notably, Apple knows that there are millions of users, who own iPhone and iPad, but not Mac. Such users have always relied on iTunes in Windows and they have already managed their media libraries in Windows. Their data might include videos and podcasts, apart from music.

Even as Apple confirmed that it would remove iTunes in the latest macOS, there is no indication from Apple about future features of iTunes.

In his exclusive interview with CBS Evening News, Tim Cook gave a reason why Apple is shutting down iTunes.

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“Well, we’re not really shutting it down. Most people associate iTunes with the ability to purchase music at the song level. And we’re still doing that. What we’re doing is we’ve recognized that there’ve been so many things put into iTunes, from audio or from music to podcasts to video and all the rest, that we need to separate these things out so it’s clear where you go for what.”

The tech giant seems to be neutral on its plans for iTunes in Windows for now. All Windows users must keep in mind that the decision to leave iTunes untouched is not permanent. This means Apple might announce something about iTunes in Windows.

A probability of Apple Music app for Windows is on the horizon. Mac users cannot expect any such rebirth of iTunes in the future. All the Windows users have this word of Apple: it is here to stay, at least for some time.

What About your Current iTunes Libraries and Files in Mac?

For Mac users, who have stored their data on iTunes, Apple Music in macOS Catalina will import their current media libraries from iTunes.

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As far as buying songs is concerned, users can purchase songs from Apple. Apple has retained all the key features of iTunes in the Music app, and therefore, iTunes is dead in name only.

Finder is your New iTunes

Mac users, who are worried about syncing their iOS devices with iTunes, can now use Finder to manage their iPhones, iPads, and iPods. When you connect your iOS device to the Mac via lightning cable, you can see your device in the sidebar for Finder on the Mac.

Your experience with Finder will quickly remind you of iTunes as Apple has made little change in the interface of Finder when you click your iOS device on Mac.

That’s all folks!

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Summing up…

Windows users must have breathed a sigh of relief following Apple’s announcement. At the same time, they should be prepared for a change in the near or distant future. Over a period of time, Apple might consider killing iTunes for all platforms.

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