Find My Stuff iPhone App

Until now you have been fascinated by incredible gadgets & software which you read in science fiction or seen in Bond movies. You wish you could use one of those magical devices or apps in your real life.

Find My Stuff is one such app that is incredible and yet you can use it in your life. It works as your personal assistant to help you find your stuff.

Find My Stuff iPhone App

Find My Stuff iPhone App

What is Find My Stuff?

In your routine life, you must have faced many instances when you have lost your small valuables like car keys, wallet, briefcase and others. While such things hardly cost you a few dollars, you can’t go out of your home or office without any. And let me tell you, these things are casually put by us somewhere and we tend to forget the location. This is when Find My Stuff comes to your rescue.

Find My Stuff is an iOS app (Android version is underway, so people using Android phones have to wait for some time) that helps you locate your valuables like car keys, car, laptop, luggage, skis or snowboard, pet, camera and even kids also. All you need is a beacon to connect with Find My Stuff app.

Beacon is a Bluetooth tracking device that you need to attach or place in your valuable articles. Once you sync the Beacon with the app, it will start communicating with the app.

How does Find My Stuff work?

The Beacon is available in different shapes and sizes, which include a USB device, Bluetooth dongle, chip, a small coin cell device and a sticker too. You can select any of these Beacons according to the size and shape of your valuables. For example, if you want to use Beacon on your skis, you can go for a sticker, which can be installed on the most appropriate area; just ensure that the sticker doesn’t come off after constant use of skis.

Once you install the Beacon, you can sync up it in Find My Stuff app as your item and set up notifications. Now, suppose you misplace your skis or if somebody is running away with your skis, you will receive a notification of your skis’ location. If you accidentally lose the skis from the slopes, you can easily track the location with the help of Beacon.

The Beacons are cheap and you don’t need to buy any additional hardware. Moreover, they can be controlled from your iPhone itself. Thus, you can stop your precious skis from getting stolen or lost by investing a small amount. But you need to be careful, lest you lose your iPhone!

Set up Find My Stuff with Beacon

First off, you need to download Find My Stuff from the AppStore and buy any good quality Beacon. Once Find My Stuff is on your iOS device, let’s connect the Beacon with the app.

Step #1. Launch Find My Stuff app.

Step #2. Tap “+” symbol from top right corner.

Step #3. Enter Stuff Title (give a recognizable name to your stuff).

Step #4. Keep the Beacon as close as possible to your iOS device.

Step #5. Tap “Add” once the Beacon is detected on iOS device.

Many Beacons are equipped with a power button; in such case, don’t forget to press and hold the power button for a few seconds.

Step #6. Now attach the Beacon with your valuable item physically.

It’s done; now your valuables will never be lost.

Excellent Features of Find My Stuff

  • You can quickly get an overview of your valuable’s locations on the map.
  • You can also check the near past of that object, i.e. where it was before a few minutes.
  • You can depend on this app as it gives perfect notifications; if your pet is running away from you, it sends you an alert on your iPhone.
  • Find My Stuff supports all beacons; you are not required to purchase a beacon of a particular brand.
  • If your iPhone is connected with a known Wi-Fi network (office or home), Find My Stuff will not send you any notification.
  • You can confirm if your valuables are near you or not; you can press the Alert button, and the beacon will start beeping if it’s in range.

Given its functionality and features, Find My Stuff is recommended for professionals, who travel extensively. It’s quite useful for working mothers and the elderly, who keep pets at home.

Price: Free
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