There are quite a lot of people who often misplace their belongings unknowingly. As a result, they are not able to find them easily when they need them. It not only annoys them but also kills their plenty of invaluable time. If you are also forgetful and have to face such situations more often than not, then there is a reason for you to be happy.

Find Misplaced iPhone By Clapping

Clap is the Cydia tweak for iOS 8 from the BigBoss repo that allows you to find your misplaced iPhone by simply clapping your hands. Hence, you no longer need to worry much if you put your iPhone here and there and just don’t get it in time.

How to Find Misplaced iPhone Just by Clapping

Amazing Technology

Clap listens high level sounds through iPhone's microphone at regular intervals. Whenever it detects any sound, it plays a short loud alarm. The jailbreak tweak features accelerometer implementation which is equipped to understand when and how fast your device is moving. This avoids many false sounds which can be irritating otherwise.

Clap, iOS 8 Cydia tweak works only when the screen is shut off. However, unlike any other microphone listener, it boasts of an amazing technology.

Don't remember where you have put your iPhone – in the bed, car or dining hall? Just give a round of clap and you will find out where phone is!

Preferences Pane Within The Settings App

The tweak has its own preferences pane within the Settings app that lets you customize specific parameters. You can easily enable or disable it as per need. There are configurable options that allow you to determine the sensitivity of the built-in iPhone microphone and the accelerometer.

How To Turn It Off

You can turn it off with much ease even without unlocking your iPhone. Simply, use your phone’s ringer switch to silent mode and the tweak will be turned off. Interesting!

Only For iPhone

As of now, the Cydia tweak is available for iPhone only. It will be compatible for iPod and iPad too but it will take some more time as it is going through research.

You can download it for $0.99 from BigBoss repo.

Clap is a pretty handy tweak intelligently made to help you discover the whereabouts of your misplaced iPhone in the simplest possible way.