Apple is likely to unveil iPhone 7 on September 9. But even before we can have the official look of the next-gen iPhone, there are tons of clone images doing the rounds. Though theses leaked shots do reveal what’s to come, we were a bit hesitant to trust them completely up until now.

Jimmy Lin, a big celebrity in Taiwan, has already got a brand new iPhone 7. Lin has the history of flaunting yet-to-be-released iPhones. He had done the similar stunts with iPhone 5, 6 and 6 Plus.

iPhone 7 Final Shot Image Credit: Phoenix via Yeah1

This is Probably Your Final Shot for “iPhone 7 Plus”

In the image, Lin is using iPhone 7 Plus with the dual-lens camera. Going by his track records, we can say that it’s probably the final shot of the upcoming iPhone.

Various rumors have suggested the handset won’t have a new design and will look quite similar to its immediate predecessor. Some of the major features such as dual-camera, 3GB of RAM, Smart Connector are expected to come with the 5.5-inch model.

Even though a number of experts have predicted a relatively less successful year for the new iPhone, we believe it will touch a new record of success for a few strong reasons.

As per reports, 49% iPhone users in the US and 51% in China are currently using iPhone 5s or older. Knowing how significant both these major smartphone markets are for Apple, the prospect for a huge success for the upcoming iPhone can’t be denied.

The lack of a new design is perceived to be the biggest reason why the forthcoming iPhone won’t make a big impact in terms of sales. Though we don’t completely ignore it, we believe a much stronger innards powered by A10 Processor will be able to fascinate quite a lot of prospective buyers as well.

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