Files United iOS App Makes File Management Simple and Effortless


File management on iOS 7 has not improved much. Apple doesn’t want you to handle “files”. It’s okay with photos, music, videos, documents, presentations, notes and stuff but files? No. That was one of the things Steve envisioned: a file-less world and that’s why iOS doesn’t work like Android in that regard.

But we know that file management is an essential feature for a lot of us. There are file managers for iPhones and iPads that do work good. Today, Zuhanden – a German app development company – launches Files United: an iOS companion app to the Mac OS X app which lets you drag-drop files across easily for the best-in-class file management system.

Files United for iPhone and iPad

Files United App File Management for iPad & iPhone

Files United is a very simple and straight-forward file manager built for iOS. It functions as an interface to manage files from a variety of sources. Predominantly Mac and Windows. The app serves as a perfect way to view, transfer and save files of a variety of formats on your iOS device and then have them copied/transfered to Mac/Windows or other sources.

Files United on the iPhone/iPad is tooted as a companion app to the Mac OS X app. But in reality, it’s a standalone file manager by itself and would be enormously useful with services like: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, SkyDRive (which is now OneDrive), SugarSync. You can even connect to any device on the same Wi-fi network via the given IP address. And then there’s the FTP support for advanced file management purposes.

Works Best with the Mac App

File Management App for iPad & iPhone

Of course, the true power comes when you have the Mac app installed and running. Files United for iOS automatically searches and connects to your Mac and from here, file management becomes a breeze. Effortless file transfers (using just drag-and-drop from the Mac) make it look like the iOS device just became an extension of your Mac.

Files United comes from a team that built File Manager Pro so the theme of file management is nothing new to these folks. That experience is evident in the app with its simple, no-nonsense interface which doesn’t come in the way when you manage files.

File / Folder Operations Made Simple

Files United lets you view documents, some media and webpages right from within the app. Copying / moving files is easy as a cinch. You can also rename, compress and favorite files. The interface keeps the features simple too. In the Settings, you can add PIN or Password security to the whole app so any file-level action would require an authentication.

As a part of releasing Files United, the company has made all their apps free for a limited time (14 days). This would be a great time to grab some of the best file manager apps available for iOS.

Price: $4.99 (free for a limited time)
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