Have you ever come across John Carey’s FiftyFootShadows.net? If not, I suggest that you go take a look at that website first. It’s a photo-journal (and John writes a lot – I guess as much as he clicks wonderful photographs) and the first time I stumbled on that website was long back. I was stunned by his photography as I normally would be but I never knew his photographs would eventually turn out to be the core part of an iPhone Winterboard theme.

If you’ve followed iGeeksblog.com, you probably have seen screenshots and mentions of FiftyFoodShadows theme in some of the posts. It’s one of the best Winterboard I’ve ever seen and used. It’s a picturesque theme littered with cute little mono icons and a really amazing wallpaper effect.

The key features of the theme are:

#1. An eternally changing wallpaper that shows the most amazing photos from Carey’s website FiftyFoodShadows.

#2. A beautiful transition between the wallpaper loop. Subtle and yet bold.

#3. Neat little icons that replace the usual stock apps. A lot of them, really.

#4. A date and temperature/humidity display (which unfortunately isn’t working for me). In the past when I used the theme, it worked well. I guess a little tinkering would set it right.

Fifty Foot Shadows HD ThemeFiftyFootShadows Cydia ThemeFiftyFootShadows HD iPhone ThemeFiftyFootShadows HD Theme

The theme comes with no bells and whistles. It’s charm lies in the way the wallpaper images are served and the very photographs themselves. The color-rich stock icons are replaced by monochromatic ones that accentuate the wallpapers. It’s a theme for people who love photography and beautiful imagery. Especially if you’re a fan of Carey’s.

FiftyFootShadows HD can be downloaded from Cydia as a free theme (it’s on the ZodTT repo). It works with Winterboard so you need to install Winterboard too. There isn’t anything to tweak or change although this becomes a severe limitation if you want to mod the theme.

The theme works well on all iPhone 4/4S/3GS devices and it scales to iPhone 5 too. The only problem I’ve had with the theme is that it eats up my battery pretty fast. Not that it worries me because I plug my iPhone at work (so it keeps charging) but if you’re a super-user, the theme might be kind of heavy.