FHub is a simple file manager, browser, download manager and media player rolled into one. It's not often that you see such software coming up on the App Store, but here's FHub.

FHub isn't a perfect piece of an app but it has some very potential and valid features that integrates a lot of stuff into one. At its core, it's a decent file manager which helps you share content between your iDevices (and computers) wirelessly. The Wi-fi direct worked flawlessly in our tests and file access is one of the high points of FHub.

FHub traverses further by adding a couple of things that will make it a complete package on its own. There's a “good-enough” browser that lets you browse websites on-the-fly. Bear in mind that the browser isn't jam-packed with features; at times, it feels very naïve or primitive. However, it does let you browse as if natively and there are options to save the page directly to one of the folders within the app.

FHub iPad App

FHub also boasts a media player which again is limited in its features. Interestingly though, the main features that you'd expect in an iOS media player are available: shuffle, playlist control, navigation etc.

FHub appears to be one of a kind right now. And it's not because it integrates a file manager, browser and media player into the app. It's because behind the app, there's a considerably strong protocol which helps the app be very flexible in file transfers, network connectivity and such things. For instance, the app does a pretty good job of letting you transfer files over the network in a variety of protocols including FTP, SMB (which lets you transfer files that are as large as 4GB), WebDAV etc. Also, there's support for Dropbox, SkyDrive etc.

FHub also comes with an elegant book reader so whatever you download from the internet can be read directly within the app.

Like I said before, FHub doesn't have an interface that's going to strike a chord instantly. It might take a little time getting used to the interface if you're specific about design but if function is the only thing you're after, FHub has a pretty good, limited and focused approach to what it does.

To classify it as just a file manager would be doing injustice. It's a few things rolled into one. But at its peak, the file manager part of FHub works just great.

FHub runs on iPad only and sells on the App Store for free [Only for limited time only thereafter it will cost you $6.99].

Download FHub 

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