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Smart gadgets have already replaced a lot of things in our life. Traditional wallets are replaced with wallet cases, and Note-taking apps replaced personal diaries. These gadgets may have made our life a bit easier, but we cannot deny the fact that they have also cluttered our lives at the same time.

New problems will need new solutions, as traditional ways may not help much. This inspired Lindsay and Nate from distilunion to come up with a solution. They designed a ModStation, KeyLoop, Keyfolio, and ModWallet; all powered by MagLock. Now, this may not sound like a big deal, but once you see the demo, you’ll be amazed by what these products can do.

These products are on Kickstarter, and they have already raised more than $100K with over thousands of backers. If this has got your interest, let me take you through the details of the products.

Ferris ModStation

ModStation is basically the foundation of all other products that we will discuss further in this post. Made of steel, the ModStation is stylish, classy, and fits wherever you want. It comes with a set of screws to fix it on the wall near the entrance of your home or office. Also, it comes with a panel of 3M removable adhesive that’s also magnetic, allowing you to mount it on any metal surface like refrigerators.

You may think what’s so special about this ModStation. To start with, it can hold your iPhone, Kindle, wallets, and many other small things. Besides, it has enough space at the bottom to install lightning cable through it. That means you can use this ModStation beside your bed and use it as a docking station.

Wait, this isn’t finished yet. You’ll get to understand the real power of this ModStation after you read about other products. So keep reading.

Ferris KeyLoop

Ferris Magnetic KeyLoop

Personally, managing different keys is one of the most irritating things. Keychains are good, but they aren’t that great when you carry many keys. Also, it makes our pockets quite bulky because all the keys are flying in different directions. Ferris KeyLoop has an innovative solution to this problem.

Ferris Magnetic KeyLoop

Unlike traditional keychains, this KeyLoop has magnets that keep all your keys in place and also properly aligned. All you need to do is to stick the magnetic strip that comes with it on your keys and place them on the KeyLoop.

These magnets are strong; your keys won’t just fall off when you pull it out from your pocket. Besides, installing and uninstalling keys from the KeyLoop is incredibly easy; simply pull the key from the magnet.

Being magnetic, you can mount the KeyLoop on the ModStation that we discussed earlier. You may now notice that all these products are interlinked to make your life a lot more organized.

Ferris KeyFolio

Ferris Magnetic KeyFolio

There isn’t much of a difference between KeyLoop and KeyFolio. The only notable difference is that the KeyFolio can carry ten keys, while the KeyLoop can carry six. Another difference is of the size. KeyFolio is bigger compared to the other.

Ferris ModWallet

Ferris KeyLoop, ModWallet and ModStation

This is one of my favorites on the list. As the name suggests, it’s a wallet; but utterly different from the wallet image that you may have in your mind. Just like the two products above, this too is magnetic, and you can add and remove magnetic layers quickly.

Ferris ModWallet

It comes with one card sleeve that can hold 12 cards, and a separate money clip for your bills. Not just that, you can carry important keys as well; thanks to magnetic feature. If you combine all this with ModStation, you have got all your valuables sorted and organized neatly. If you need keys, you know where to look, and the same is with the wallet.

Product Quality

All the Ferris products are crafted from high-quality leather that is durable and also looks classy. Neodymium magnets and TPU-backed nylon also offer toughness and durability for a long time. The magnets are strong enough to hold 5 LBs of weight on the KeyLoop. This tells how durable materials are.


As it is a Kickstarter campaign, you can add things as per your requirement. There are different options to choose from, and you can head over to their campaign page to know more about it.

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Signing Off…

Products like this may not look revolutionary or disruptive; these are silent helpers that positively affect our lives without even letting us know. We never pay too much attention to our keychains and wallets, or where they are lying at our home or office unless we have products like these. With that said, I leave the final decision on you, have a look at the range of products, and make your choice.

What are your thoughts on the range of products that Ferris offers? Share it in the comments.

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