Folks at iDB previewed Fancy a few weeks back and the tweak is now up on Cydia’s Modmyi. Fancy is a tweak that lets you colorize the iOS elements like Notification Center, Control Center, banner notifications and more.

Fancy has two ways of configuring the colors/color themes of iOS elements. It either lets you apply the same color to all elements or you can apply different colors to independent elements. Screenshots below show the tweak’s effects on Notification Center, Control Center etc.

Change Color Theme of iOS - Fancy Cydia Tweak

Fancy lets you apply colors to a lot of iOS elements:

  • Banners
  • Notification center
  • Control center
  • HUDs
  • Dock
  • Keyboard
  • Lockscreen
  • Spotlight

The keyboard coloring is an interesting thing because people are only going to see a white and a black keyboard overlay in the default/stock iOS options. While there will be tweaks to colorize the keyboard, Fancy seems a great way to do it but according to the dev, it works only when you have Bloard installed along with it. Fancy, by default, tints the iOS keyboard only very slightly.

Fancy has one little bug that can be a big bother for some of us. If you set a Global Tint, it applies to all parts of the UI (keyboard, spotlight, NC, CC etc.). According to the tweak’s description, you should be able to override the global setting for the UI elements by choosing a color from within the Override section. But the override doesn’t work at all. You will have to turn off the Global Tint and then apply colors individually to all elements.

But the tweak is great otherwise. The colors can be chosen based on RGB values using sliders. You can also set alpha opacity to the colors to add more depth to the UI elements.

The banner option also comes with animation style where you can choose from three options (Fade, slide left/right).

Fancy is up on Cydia’s ModMyi for $0.99 and is worth the price.

  • thomas powell

    fancy will not work on my iPhone 6 plus why is that

    • Jestin Sinclair

      I doesn’t work for iOS 8 cause I have a 5s and it still doesn’t

  • Marco Fasoli

    How to restore fancy value? I tried to cancel the tweak and reinstall it but The color are the same…

    • You might have to try deleting its .plist file found in Preferences
      (var/mobile/Library/Preferences). You’ll need iFile to do this.