It is a fact universally accepted that any person or product mimicked most by many is undoubtedly the most popular on earth. The case in point is Apple iPhone, which has garnered overwhelming response from across the globe.

In a crackdown, following a tip-off from US authorities, Chinese police have raided a factory in Beijing producing fake iPhones worth $19 million.

Fake iPhones Worth $19m Seized By Chinese Police in Beijing

Fake iPhones Worth $19m Seized By Chinese Police in Beijing, China

According to police sources, the raiding party has seized more than 41000 fake pieces, some of which have entered into the United States. The police arrested nine people in this case.

A couple is said to be running this factory under the guise of maintenance shop, where hundreds of workers were working on six assembly lines.

The group of workers was headed by a 43-year old man Yu and his 40-year old wife Xie; the couple is from Shenzhen, a southern hardware manufacturing city. Both have set up the factory in Beijing.

Police further revealed that workers were trained to repackage second-hand smartphone components as iPhones to export; police authorities have taken stricter action to enforce intellectual property (IP) rights, pushed firms to apply for trademarks and patents.

Giving the reason behind this illegal business, police said that Apple is one of the most popular brands in China, where local authorities have beefed up efforts to wipe out China’s image as a hub where fake goods produced in large quantities.

On the contrary, it is notable that such incidents also occurred in the past when local police have detected such nasty plots.

In 2011, police had launched raids on more than dozen unauthorized stores selling fake Apple products in the southwestern city of Kunming.

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