“Over the next few months,” you’ll be able to make FaceTime calls over cellular (3G). According to AT&T’s announcement (read it on their blog, customers who are on any tiered data plan will be able to make FaceTime calls over cellular.

Remember back when Apple said it was letting FaceTime on cellular but AT& T said it was letting that feature pass for its old customers? AT&T made it a point to let FaceTime calls over cellular only for those customers who signed up for the Mobile Share plan – which a lot of people called “mean.”


FaceTime On Cellular Being Rolled Out By AT&T

However, AT&T – apparently, according to the blog post – was working on enabling the FaceTime over 3G for all compatible devices on all tiered data plans. Fortunately, they’ve finally begun rolling out the update.

Customers on tiered data plans don’t have to do anything. AT&T is rolling out the update gradually, and you should be able to make this FaceTime calls over cellular in a few weeks (to few months!).

AT&T and Verizon are the two leading network providers in the US who contribute to a lot of iPhone sales in the country. AT&T, who started working on its 4G network earlier, has one of the strongest support for 4G (LTE) and covers a wide span of the country, unlike Sprint, which offers excellent plans but without adequate infrastructure.

AT&T’s move would be quite interesting as it will allow anyone not on the Mobile Share plans to make FaceTime calls over cellular.

FaceTime calls are estimated to eat up quite a block off your data allocation. Some 15 MB is used up in 3 minutes of a FaceTime call on iPhone 4. Make sure your data plan is sizable, or you might end up using data way beyond the limits.

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