A long time ago we wrote about LockAway, an app from the store that brought Galaxy S4’s smart pause feature to your iPhone. Now, there’s a Cydia tweak that brings the same feature to your iPhone and iPad and does much better than the app.

FaceHalt is a tweak that has been refined to perfection. You look away from your iPhone or iPad and the video pauses. Look back and it resumes. Flawlessly and smooth.

The best thing about FaceHalt is that it works pretty smooth thanks to the refinement that the tweak has undergone. The second-best thing about the tweak is that it works system-wide.

Facehalt Cydia Tweak for iPhone and iPad

Unlike LockAway, FaceHalt is not an app. Once installed, FaceHalt applies the feature to every video app that you use. That’s pretty smart and powerful.

One of the most impressive features that was used as an USP by Samsung in its Galaxy S4 was the eye-tracking feature which enabled smart-pause. The moment you turn away from the video playing on your smartphone, the video would pause automatically.

FaceHalt works fine with the YouTube app, the stock Videos app and almost every other video app that you download and use. The tweak is compatible on both the iPhone and the iPad and works only with iOS 6.

FaceHalt can be enabled/disabled system-wide via Settings. You can also configure it to be enabled/disabled on a per-app basis so there’s quite enough control over how the tweak works.

FaceHalt is available on the BigBoss repo and here’s the full compatibility list:

  • iOS 6 only
  • iPhone 4S and 5
  • iPad Mini, iPad 2, 3, 4
  • iPod Touch 5th gen

As is the case with such intensive and high-quality tweaks, FaceHalt will cost you $1.99.